March 5, 2007

Drinking Alcohol Destroying Your Life and those Around You?

This is a good question and the first thing that needs to happen is you must decide if you really want to take this step.  Examine the information in these next few paragraphs and decide if maybe the time has come to make some changes.

Can you stop drinking

Has drinking affected your relationships to the point where you realize that you no longer have any stable relationships? 

Has your spouse or partner decided to call it quits or asked you to move out?

Maybe this person has threatened to leave you. 

Do your children know that there is something wrong with the way you act when you have been drinking? 

Are they afraid of you? 

Have you ever hurt them in any way? 

If you are older and have grown children do they avoid you or prefer you not spend time with your grandchildren?

Are you estranged from any members of your family?

Are there relatives that you never see or talk to anymore because of your drinking? 

Can you follow through on your obligations or promises to family members?

Can you stop drinking if you have been having a hard time at work? 

Do you find it hard to concentrate or has the quality of your work been suffering? 

Have you been passed over for a promotion because of your drinking? 

Do you usually spend time drinking after work and find that you seldom have time for any of your coworkers who do not accompany you to the bar?

Is your health suffering because of your drinking? 

Do you often feel really tired but have trouble sleeping?

Are you experiencing problems with depression or anxiety?

Do you often feel angry, sad or guilty and you are not sure why? 

Can you stop drinking if you come to terms with the fact that your drinking is causing health issues?

How is your financial situation?

Do you find that you are sometimes not able to pay your bills or you are behind on payments?

Do you owe attorneys money because of legal problems due to your misuse of alcohol?

Have you stopped and added up all the money you are spending each week because of your alcohol addiction?

Are you having legal problems because of drinking?

Is it possible that you have been drinking and driving and face time in jail? 

Have you injured someone because of drinking and driving?  Have you needed to hire an attorney?

Are you in danger of losing your license?

Will you need to appear in court?

How many times could you have been stopped for drinking and driving? 

Now stop and think about how many times you could have been stopped for traffic violations after drinking and driving but you managed you avoid the police?

Can you stop drinking?  If the above scenarios describe you maybe you should seriously think about doing something about it.

Stop drinking and improve your relationships, your health, your job situation, and your financial and legal problems.

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Problems associated with alcohol abuse and addiction

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