December 11, 2009

Drinking Too Much Alcohol? Learn How To Quit Drinking Online

StopBingeing or Binging is a very real and very current phenomenon. Hordes of PYTs, office goers, young people and old alike, college and university kids spend many days a week drinking massive amounts of alcohol without restrictions whatsoever.

They drink so much that their capacity gets rapidly inflated. They don’t get drunk even if they drink 10 times what they used to and they simply crash and/or become unconscious once the alcohol hits the breaking point in the bloodstream. They get so addicted to it that if they don’t do their regular binge party at the bar for a few evenings, they feel lost and dazed. The habit becomes so severe that one begins to stock up more than normal amounts of alcohol at home. Then one starts drinking at odd hours and whenever one if thinking, working or under stress. Slowly, alcohol is introduced into the system so often that it loses all its potency, and instead now, its lack rather than its presence affects the body.

They drink because it is considered cool to drink, they drink because they are stressed, are used to, are forced under peer pressure to, or they are simply too bored to be doing anything else worthwhile. Some stupidly drink as much as they can just to show how much they can drink. It hardly takes a reason now-a-days for urban folk to head to the bar. Images in the media and the movies are syndicated by the alcohol and media cartels which many a time has mixed ownership. The best and most expensively produced TV Commercials in the world’s most expensive media slot – that of the Super bowl, mostly has beer and alcohol ads. It’s a testament to the strength, money and power the booze-lords possess.

Kids in colleges and universities drink in their heydays like there is no tomorrow. Every night is a party in the dorm or the bar. They forget the lasting damages that such violent infliction of booze has on the human body.

The almost empty bottle in the hand of the troubled antagonist is a quintessential images in movies the world over. People start drinking too much in order to keep their minds blank and be too drunk to be worried by their troubles. It is worse than Binging. Here the drinker knowingly and maniacally drowns him/herself into the bliss through ignorance that alcohol offers.

Don’t see that image in your mirror ever. Drink Responsibly. A thing of enjoyment should be savored and not drained through one’s body. Discourage drinks at parties, office meetings, family functions, and other events. Visit the booze-bar less, visit the salad-bar more. Your body is your temple, it will shine or fall apart depending upon what you put in it.

Drinking is no more than a legal bad habit, that the state prefers to encourage rather then engage, but only doing nothing just makes the problem worse. So why don’t you just quit drinking on your very own , without actually being told to do so. You know it makes sense!

It’s no different any other bad habit. We know it’s bad, but we just continue to do it regardless. So don’t just allow yourself to get sucked in to the bad habit club, and come clean today. You will get loads of support, plus great tips to finally grasp how to quit drinking before Christmas this year on the blog, which is regularly posted with new ideas to help quit drinking alcohol once and for all.

Hurry, start today and learn how to quit drinking before Christmas this year.

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