November 16, 2006

Easy Way to Control Alcohol

Just wanted to let you know about the awesome book by: Allen Carr –  Easy Way to Control Alcohol

Check this great feed back…

"Life Saver"

I was a heavy smoker and drinker for almost 3 decades, until my COPD diagnosis last fall (at the age of 42). The situation was absolutely hopeless, my dr told me to quit smoking immediately, and there was a chance that my emphysema could reverse, but attempting to quit had been TORTURE in the past and I knew even this wouldn’t make me quit.

As a last ditch effort, I ordered The Easy Way to Quit Smoking, and…it WORKED. within two months I stopped my 2-3 pack per day habit. I’ve been smoke free for ten months. At the same time that i purchased it, I also bought The Easy Way to Control Alcohol.

It took a while to manage both, but as of tonight I’m 2 weeks and two days completely sober. I never could’ve done it without these books.  Make sure you give it a few reads, it takes some time for the info to sink in.  I HIGHLY recommend these Allen Carr’s books, my quality of life has been drastically improved for buying them.

"Relief at last"

Struggling with too much and too often excess booze I have tried everything I could find: bought most of Amazon books on the subject, talked with AA, psychiatrists, took medicines et after each step getting more and more depress and feeling ashamed and useless. Then I read Allen Carr’s book, thinking deep inside that it would be another usual book giving your advices, orders, telling you terribles stories in one word very negative. But I really found this time something to rely on.

I found myself in those pages and the way I was dealing wrongly with life, stress and booze. This is the ONLY book to buy if you are concern about your drinking and sincerely want to do something about it. This writer is a bit of a magician !!!!……. but still very realistic and straight to the point. Buy it, not tomorrow or next week… buy it NOW and read it ASAP. It will save your life !…. it saved mine and gave me back MY freedom.

Go and check this great book out here:

How Alcoholism Controls Your Life?

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