January 25, 2008

Excuses to Drink

What is the difference between a reason and an excuse? Reasons are reasonable. Excuses are what we create in an attempt to justify actions we know are not reasonable. There are no valid reasons to consume alcohol but below are some over-used excuses many of us make to fool ourselves into believing we’re not doing anything we shouldn’t be doing.

  • It’s the weekend! – Yeah…so use the time to spend with family and friends doing something productive
  • I’ve been so stressed.  – Get a massage or light an incense
  • It helps me overcome my shyness – Take a course on public speaking
  • I can stop any time I want. – Yeah? Prove it
  • Everyone else is drinking.  – and if everyone else jumped off a bridge?
  • It helps me forget my problems. – Does forgetting them make them go away?
  • Its rude to refuse. – Its rude to believe that!
  • I’ve never had a problem because of drinking.  – But you may have a drinking  problem.
  • I just like the taste. – There are ‘virgin’ drinks that taste just as good.
  • Its here, I may as well drink it. – The commode water is there too!

Does Alcoholics Anonymous Work

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