May 8, 2007

facts on alcohol

Drinking can have quite a cost and the price tag involves more than money. Alcohol is an expensive proposition and abusing it makes the endeavor even more so. Let’s add up some of the costs of overusing alcohol. We’ll start with the monetary costs and move on to the emotional and relationship costs later in the article.

It may start slowly and you won’t even notice that the alcohol you consume is affecting your budget. A drink here or there after work with friends or coworkers. Little get-togethers on the weekend or a few drinks during a party or barbeque. It’s just a way to relax and what’s the big deal if you have a drink while eating out or stop at the bar for an occasional beer. O.K. so the price tag for this type of drinking is not astronomical.

What happens to the price tag when you find yourself joining friends on a really regular basis and dropping between $50.00 and $100.00 each time? Maybe every time you cash your paycheck you head to the liquor store and spend as much on alcohol as you do on groceries. What is the cost of this? There may even come a time when you choose buying alcohol over paying your bills. Ever stop to think maybe it’s a little too pricey?

Do you find yourself hosting parties every weekend? Parties that involve the purchase of large amounts of alcohol? Parties where you always drink too much and so do most of your guests? What is the cost?

So now that we have covered some of the financial costs of purchasing the alcohol, let’s focus on some of the other costs involved in the misuse of alcohol. There are other financial costs besides the money you spend acquiring the alcohol.

Ever missed any days of work because of your drinking? Do you have the type of job where you are not paid if you are not there? What is the monetary cost every day you aren’t at your job? Ultimately, do you risk losing your job if you miss too many more days?

Have there been times when you were arrested for DWI or other alcohol-related incidents? Did you need to hire an attorney? Did you miss more time at work because of court appearances? Add it up.

Relationship costs add up quickly when a person is drinking too much, too often. Have you lost any friendships because of your drinking habits? Are your relationships with family members suffering? If so, start adding up those costs. Think of the times when you weren’t able to follow through on your commitments to your partner, children or parents. How many people have you let down because drinking has become your first priority?

Besides all the other costs, there is the price you may pay in the area of your health, both physically and emotionally. Heart and liver disease are just two of the health issues you may have to deal with. You may also have problems with cancer and pancreatitis. Emotionally, you may pay a high price as well if you need to contend with anger issues or depression.

Add up the costs of misusing and abusing alcohol and determine if it is a price you are willing to pay.

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