February 12, 2010

First Signs Of Alcoholism And Dealing With Alcohol Addiction

StopNausea, fevers, sweating, shakiness, anxiety, loss-of-focus, depression are all symptoms that tell you to knock off the bottle. They are signs of extreme alcohol dependency and addiction. When drunk, constant rambling, moodiness and a bad temper are just a few of the noticeable changes that are easily seen in an alcohol addict.

One can be said to have an addiction to alcohol when spending money on alcohol takes priority over other domestic needs like food, clothes, kids etc. When this is the case and alcohol means a person and their family going short on such basic items, eventually desperation takes over, and everything just falls apart as alcohol addiction takes over a person’s life.

Alcohol addicts are a sad bunch. The stories of low income houses getting destroyed by liquor are all true and all the more brutal in reality. The stories of rich kids slamming their million dollar cars into people on the road are true and increasing as we speak. When your breath constantly smells foul and you can’t control the urge to drink, you know you need help.

Alcohol may not be as addicting as say a hard drug like Heroin but certain addicts are so severely used to it that it causes mayhem with their mental and physical systems when the constant trickle of alcohol is stopped.

Some people drink every night without fail and drink till the whites in their eyes are no longer white. They may or may not realize their problem but they continue anyway. Because it is not easy to stop once you get on the booze train.

Doctors now prescribe special medicines for repelling alcohol from the body, making it taste awful. Get addicted to less harmful substances like caffeine instead, while you lean away the alcohol withdrawal pain.

Every addict reaches a point where he/she questions themselves as to why they drink this weird awful stuff in the first place. It is so tasteless and bad. Then they wish they’d never touched it ever. They begin to crave for the freedom they had when they never used to drink at all. Addiction is a deep vortex which takes one rock-bottom into the depths of despair.

Few manage to give up when they face it the worst. Most continue to drink without fatal consequences. But many fall to the evil of alcohol and bring death to themselves and others around them. The stories of the clumsy rum-drinking captain may read nice in story books but children must be warned about the dangers and the realities of drinking and its consequences much earlier than high school. They must be properly explained and not just given an overview along with a contradictory counter-productive curiosity to go and try alcohol.

Governments around the world need to ban alcohol alongside the already banned less-harmful products. At least extra taxation of alcohol and subsidies on juices and health drinks will help correct this ill of the society.

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