September 10, 2007

Getting A New Life By Stop Drinking

Double Fist Your Drinks: If you are drinking an alcoholic beverage it is a great idea to have a glass of water there as well and drink the two together. Drinking the water in between sips of your alcohol can help to keep the concentration of the alcohol down in your blood stream. You are also less likely to have a hangover the next day if you keep hydrated as well. Designate a Driver: If you are going out and plan on drinking, always make sure that someone is designated to drive and that they have no alcohol whatsoever. If there is no designated driver, you should be the responsible one and abstain from drinking. Remember that driving under the influence, no matter how little, can kill. Having responsible drinking habits is very important if you are planning to consume alcohol. Being responsible while drinking can keep you healthy, keep you out of embarrassing situations, and most important of all – it can save your life.

Nothing good can come out of binge drinking except alcoholism. Many binge drinkers who claim to only do it at parties or just for fun, usually become alcoholics or worse. Drinking and driving is also another effect of abusing alcohol. Young girls who engage in binge drinking at parties are in danger of being sexually assaulted or worse. Excessive drinking is never good, there is nothing that can come out of abusing alcohol, even if you only do it once a month at parties. If parents fail to educate their children about the dangers of binge drinking, it could cost them their lives. If you feel like you need help with your teen then talk to someone at your local police station, they should have programs that you and your teen can attend.

Asking your doctor for advice is also a great way to get help if you think that your drinking is getting out of control. Your physician can refer you to counselors and therapists that can help you control your drinking before it becomes a serious problem that can ruin relationships with family and friends and eventually destroy your life. It may be a good idea for you to visit an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting or two in your area, so that you can talk about your feelings in an environment where you won’t be judged. You will be pleasantly surprised by the insight you will find by listening to others who may have been in your shoes at one point. You will also be able to make an honest observation about whether or not you need to get more help. No matter which methods you choose to get your drinking under control, it is important to be honest with yourself about how serious your problem is and to ask friends and loved ones for support while you’re making sure that alcohol does not take over your life.

If we drink alcohol to relieve anxiety or depression, we will become more depressed. Alcohol helps us to forget our problems for a while. It can help us to relax and overcome any shyness. It can make talking easier and more fun, whether in the pub, a club or at a party. It is a very effective way of feeling better for a few hours. If you are depressed and lacking in energy, it can be tempting to use alcohol to help you keep going and cope with life. The problem is that it is easy to slip into drinking regularly, using it like a medication.The benefits soon wear off, the drinking becomes part of a routine, and you have to keep drinking more to get the same effect.

As you drink different parts of your brain are affected that can lead to problems. The Hupothalamus and Pituitary Gland controls your sexual desire and growth.There are two very noticeable side effects Alcohol has on this part of your brain. This part of your brain controls the chemicals and endocrine functions like sex hormone secretion, growth and thyroid. Your sexual functions or easily affected, like your sexual performance decrease’s and your arousal increases. Increased urine excretion. The Medulla is the most important part of your brain, this controls your bodily functions, such as heart rate, breathing, temperature and consciousness. To much Alcohol effects all these parts, this is because your BAC (Blood Level Content) keeps increasing. This is why alcohol is horrible for your body, as you drink more these important brain functions start to malfunction or fail.

With new technology in, many cars will have sensors installed in them like alarm systems in case the driver inside falls asleep. They will soon be fitted with anti collision devices so that the car brakes automatically if it is about to crash with another object in the front or the back. Unfortunately if you are detained for DUI, then hiring a DUI lawyer proves to be the best decision. Driving under the influence can have serious consequences on you if you are involved in a car accident. The offender may face penalties like jail or prison, penalties or fines, vehicle impoundment, etc. The DUI lawyer is accustomed with the ins and outs and procedures involved with DUI charges and are your best bet if you find yourself in such a predicament. So just take into account your actions and act as a responsible citizen that can actually set an example to other people as well. Make sure it is not you who would unnecessarily force others to drink at your parties. Prevention is always better than cure. Hence, drinking and driving should not go jointly.

There may be many emotions a person experiences while working on the issue of sobriety. Anger is one of those emotions and one of the most powerful. When a person is trying to remain sober it is important to know how to handle those feelings. If you understand how to recognize these feelings and what to do with them, it is easier to avoid relapse. There are some steps you can follow to help you deal with the anger issues that involve alcohol. When anger is mismanaged it poses a threat to the recovery process for both those who have just stopped drinking and those who have not been drinking alcohol for a long time. First of all you will want to learn how to recognize angry feelings. Discover the ways your anger reveals itself and how you know when you are angry.

Learning More About Your Drinking Problem

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