December 26, 2009

Getting Information About Alcoholics Anonymous Online

StopIf you are interested in knowing more about Alcoholics Anonymous as an association or want to attend an AA meeting, visit the web site of Alcoholics Anonymous Online. Like any other popular organization, Alcoholics Anonymous has made its presence online through its official web site

In this web site, any person can find a veritable treasure of information for different interested parties with details of AA meetings that will be held across the world including the venue, day and timings. If you are unsure if Alcoholics Anonymous can help you, there is a specific section dedicated for those who want to understand how AA can help them. There are also booklets for people who are gay, a certain race, people who are related to alcoholics detailing the people about AA meetings, their structure and purpose and how people can benefit from them. The web site also provides a detailed background history of how the concept of AA originated and their various traditions and other trivia. It helps you understand the advantages of attending an AA meeting and some of its limitations including things and matters that are outside the scope of AA.

There is also a section for members and groups with suggestions on how to improve AA meetings, details on the 12 Step program with download booklets, details on medications and drugs used for treatment for alcoholism and how to interact with members of local community forums and media for AA meetings and AA related information.

To encourage online interaction among members, there is a special site called AA Grapevine which is a mirror of a live meeting. The AA Grapevine is written, edited and even illustrated by AA members. The AA grapevine consists of stories and experiences of other members as an alcoholic, a recovering alcoholic and a sober person who was once an alcoholic. Unlike AA meetings that are restricted to a local neighborhood, the AA Grapevine bridges these geographical boundaries and reaches to recovering alcoholics all across the world. It is also a good opportunity for people who are shy in crowds to express their concerns and solutions. It is also a great way of letting recovering alcoholics exercise their creativity or channelize their energy through a creative approach.

The Alcoholics Anonymous online web site has several download pamphlets and booklets on different topics relevant for alcoholics, people who are interested in attending these meetings, AA members, relatives and friends of alcoholics who are equally impacted and have to deal with and support alcoholics who are abstaining from alcohol. If you or any of your acquaintances are interested in attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and need more information, is the one stop web site for all your queries and information.

If you are too shy to take this step, and wish to remain 100% anonymous then you would need the necessary support given to you in your very own home. So if you are reading this now and you want to find out more about the StopDrinkingAdvice.Org online alcoholics anonymous support program, you are virtually just one step away from managing to finally quit drinking alcohol on your own; and most important of all, from the comfort of you very own home.

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