May 23, 2012

Stop Drinking! New Ways To Give Up Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol drinking is harmful to your mental and physical health. It may ruin your life, family and employment prospects, and social relationships. There are many ways to Stop drinking alcohol, as you will now see…
First Step
The first step in making an effort to stop drinking may consist of determining the reasons why you desire to stop drinking. While many reasons could be general -applicable to all drinkers- there might be others that may just be specific to you. Create a list of reasons to stop drinking alcohol.

You can also look for a friend’s help to complete the list. Keep this list in a safe and extremely visible place because you may have to refer to it from time to time to renew your commitment. It would be better to display the list in several locations, say, next to your shaving mirror in the bath room, pasted on your fridge door and also in your wallet or handbag to increase its visibility

Gradual Reduction Of Drinking
If you’re a chronic and hardened drinker, it may not be possible for you to put a full stop to drinking on day one. The very best course might be to decrease your intake and then keep decreasing it progressively. Draw up a plan for reducing intake on a regular basis and fix a date for a final complete stop.

Frequent Evaluation Of Progress
Keep assessing your progress regularly, say, for at least 30 days til your new behavior becomes a habit. Keep track of the benefits you’re experiencing. There might be lapses too, but treat them like stepping stones through your progress. Share your plan and experiences with other people and seek any helpful suggestions.

Talk To Your Doctor
If your self-help plan fails to deliver, there’s no reason to be demoralized about your abilities and self-confidence. Alcoholism is a disease, and may have caused a few chemical alterations in your body system. It might have affected your vital organs such as liver, heart, kidney, pancreas, digestive tract and so on. Usually, therefore, it needs expert medical assistance for treatment. There are particular medications which might help you defeat your alcohol dependency, but bear in mind that it is best to withdraw from this dubious habit under medical guidance.

Get Rid Of Obstacles
Obstacles may occur to interfere with your effort to attain your goals. You might have to select new friends and avoid those who might have caused you to drink on the first place. You might have to change your present lifestyle that hinges on alcohol use, by substituting alcohol for something new, wholesome and delicious like fruit juices.

Join Support Groups
There are many de-addiction support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and AVERT. AA or Alcoholics Anonymous has worldwide presence. Its membership constitutes of previous alcohol addicts who’ve successfully given up their addiction. They provide practical tips and suggestions based on their own experience and expertise. They can help you with empathy and understanding, and even keep your identity anonymous.

Learn To Say A Firm NO
The old friends and colleagues at drinking clubs or cafes may insist on your company with renewed persuasion and tempting reasons. Turn down their invitations with courteous yet firm Nos. You should learn to stay active by taking up new hobbies and other recreational pursuits and also spend that alcohol consumption time with your partner, kids and buddies.

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May 3, 2012

Clear Tips To Help Give Up Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is a widespread addiction. There are conflicting counsels about how to quit alcohol consumption. You have to chart your own plan from the lots of crisscrossing ways that are available to cease alcohol consumption.

Have a clear vision
A very clear vision about an alcohol free life can motivate you and reinforce your efforts to stop alcohol consumption. If you quit alcohol, you will improve your overall health and quality of life. Your relationship with your parents, spouse, children, relatives and friends will all improve.

Side effects of alcohol addiction
Addiction to alcohol might increase your chances of injuring yourself and others under its impact. Addiction to alcohol destroys life both emotionally and physically. It decreases a man into being his own caricature. You set a bad example for your kids and forfeit moral authority to correct them if they do anything wrong.

The self-help path
Think carefully and try to see the benefits of refraining from drinking alcohol. You may have been dumped by your boy/girl friend you loved most just because you are an alcohol addict and are given to repeated relapses. You may not have been able to realize your dream of differentiating yourself, for instance, as an art designer simply because of your alcohol dependency. Make an effort to analyze the end result of your past drinking and envision your future. How it would change if you stopped drinking. Make a determined effort to quit drinking once and for all. When you do this, you may be having conflicting thoughts about the advantages of Stopping Drinking and you will become vulnerable to not giving up completely.

Ambivalent thinking
This ambivalence about drinking comes naturally to all alcohol addicts. On the one hand you wish to quit alcohol and on the other hand you’re terrified of giving it up. You might be afraid of failure. “What if I relapse again? My hopes will be dashed. It’d be tremendously demoralizing. I would be stressed out more than ever before.” these problems are faced by every addict trying to quit drinking.

You may also deny your disease is chronic, incurable and progressive. Then there’s one part in you that desires to drink permanently. A voice in you may also say that you are ruined for ever to this life of drinking. This voice may advise you to take a peg right now. This self-denying pessimistic stance may impel you to continue drinking since it is not possible for you to stop it permanently.

The “voice” within

But you should try to distinguish between “that voice” and you, that’s, your own real person. “That voice” does not care anything about you, your morals, welfare, dreams and aspirations for a good, healthy and happy life. Make up your mind to fight that voice and you will surly quit alcohol once and for all.

Support groups – alcoholics anonymous
If self help doesn’t succeed, there are numerous other resources to help you quit drinking. One such popular resource is alcoholics anonymous, that arranges meetings around the globe for those who desire to stop drinking alcohol.

This group is comprised mainly of those people who’ve been alcohol addicts. It might be noted that such people are more qualified in offering useful ideas and advice based upon their own efforts, agonies, experiences and successes. How can someone who has never touched alcohol all through his life tender effective and useful advice against taking it?

Alcoholics anonymous keeps your identity anonymous. They’ve a 12 step common program on how to stop drinking alcohol. It works for most alcohol addicted people. It’s being presented to the public practically through every treatment plan. In addition to alcoholics anonymous you’ll be able to speak to your family doctor, psychologists, health professionals in outpatient and inpatient treatment centers and hospitals.

You can also log onto internet to find numerous voluntary organizations which are only too happy to help you with your need to quit alcohol.

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April 23, 2012

Learning How To Give Up Drinking And Keeping Healthy

Learning how to give up drinking is the initial step towards sobriety, and in today’s video tutorial and remaining article, we will take a look at ways to remain healthy after you have managed to quit drinking alcohol

How To Give Up Drinking

Although there do exist links between the things you actually eat with cravings for alcohol, the food issue is not a short cut in helping us to stop drinking alcohol because other changes like medical therapy and dietary supplements are needed.

There is a fairly large amount of investigation about the possible benefits of supplements during periods of alcohol withdrawal. The highest emphasis here is for the B-complex vitamins, although each one of the main vitamins;- (vitamins A, C, D, as well as E as well as the B-complex vitamin supplements) have been discovered to perform a really good function.

Research indicates that considerably cutting down intake of sugars and caffeine can directly lower alcohol urges. In the case of sugars, this will mean prohibition of prepared desserts and goodies having greater than around ten grams of sugar per serving; avoid fizzy drinks; avoid dehydrated fruits as well as fresh fruit juices except in limited amounts (like a 4 ounce glass of juice or perhaps a few tablespoons of raisins on cereal); and obviously, almost no using table sugar.

Caffeine as well has to be cut straight out of the diet that means not less than zero tea and coffee (unless it is decaffeinated), and merely to add insult to injury chocolates is also listed, therefore just a couple of squares when you get really frantic. Interestingly enough it’s been proved that simple sugar and caffeinated drinks affect the blood sugar levels regulation and that if we are in a position to control the blood sugar levels level, we’ll in fact reduce the alcohol/sugar SS desires. In a nutshell, if you are able to forget about caffeine and sugars then you are on the road to eliminating alcohol craving.

Another crucial step to consider is to ensure you are taking on a lot of nutrient-rich food items to ensure that your body really does feel good and you’ve got total strength both mentally and physically, and also internally so that your liver can cope with the detoxing processes.

The best way to accomplish this goal is through eating as healthily as you can because healthy food sources contain the vast majority of the nutrition that we need to meet our own goals. We will probably have extremely low supplies of all of the essential vitamins and minerals as alcohol has a way of reducing them, so let’s make a real attempt for once and become healthy.

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December 26, 2011

Knowing How To Give Up Drinking Through Remaining Healthy

Learning how to give up drinking alcohol is the initial step to sobriety, and in today’s blog post video we will take a look at step 2, and how to stay healthy when you give up drinking.

How To Give Up Drinking
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July 18, 2011

Easiest Way To Give Up Drinking Alcohol On Your Own

StopDrinking alcohol is very dangerous with regard to both ones physical and mental wellness. It could ruin your life, family as well as social relations, together with employment opportunities, yet fortunately there exists a proven plan to quit drinking, and additionally what I think of as the best way to stop drinking alcohol alone.

The first step for making an effort to quit drinking alcohol might include things like determining why you actually want to give up drinking. Although some motives may be typical (relevant to all drinkers), there could be many more which might be specific to you. Create a list of good reasons to stop drinking alcohol. You may also seek your friends help to finish this list. Have this list in a secure as well as really noticeable place since you may need to refer to it every now and then to restore your determination. It may be advisable to keep your checklist at many locations, say, beside your shaving mirror in the bathroom, pasted on your refrigerator door and in your pocket to increase its visibility

In case you are a chronic and hardened alcoholic, it may not end up being feasible for you to put an entire stop to drinking alcohol on day one. The best system is always to reduce the quantity and continue decreasing it gradually. Make up a strategy of cutting down your intake on a regular basis and fix a date for the final full end.

Carry on assessing how well you’re progressing on a routine basis, say, not less than 30 days to make your new behavior a habit. Make a record of the gains you are experiencing. There could be bad days as well, so make them like stepping stones within your development. Share your program and ordeals with others to get their helpful thoughts.

In case your self-help strategy fail to deliver, there isn’t a factor to be demoralized about your capabilities and self-belief. Alcohol addiction is really a disease. It may have affected your vital bodily organs such as the liver, pancreas, heart, kidneys, digestion and so forth. Quite often, therefore, you’ll need specialist medical attention for treatment. There are specific medications that will help you defeat your alcoholism. Don’t forget, it really is safer to withdraw from alcohol dependency with medical supervision.

Your old drinking pals and associates at night clubs or bars might insist upon your company using renewed certitude and motives. Remain in your refusal of their invites with well mannered but firm Nos. You ought to learn to stay lively by taking an interest in brand new hobbies and additional leisure pursuits, and also spending the drinking hour together with your husband or wife, the children and family. Compensate yourself with treats til you also arrive at the conclusion that this definitely is the easiest way to quit drinking alcohol.

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July 11, 2011

Tips To Reduce Drinking Or For Permanently Quitting Alcohol

StopMost heavy drinkers will come to the decision at some time in their lives that the time has come to either reduce their drinking habit or even stopping all together. The problem that they now encounter is how on earth are they going to do it. In order to find out just how we can stop drinking, we first need to discover just how our lives will change if we actually manage to achieve our primary goal.

You see, to reduce your drinking habit or quit drinking for good you will need to set a goal to achieve. So if you do, you’re going to have to write down reasons for curbing your alcohol consumption. Here’s a few examples which should help you get your head round this bit;-

Are you seeking to improve your lifestyle?
Do you want to improve your relationship with your family and friends?
Are you looking to improve your health?
What makes you want to drink less?

Quite recently a study was carried out on a hundred people whose objective was to give up drinking alcohol. The interesting part about the study was that only half had actually written down their objectives and out of those 50, an incredible 85% managed to go the whole 3 months without drinking.

In the other 50 they found that only a very small percentage (8%) had only achieved their goals. The thing here is if you don’t know what you want or how to get there then you’re not going to reach your goals, like quitting drinking. So if you want to quit drinking or reduce your drinking you must first set yourself goals, but realistic ones.

It may be helpful to remember that drinking does not control you, but you control your drinking habit.

What we really need to get clear in our heads is that alcohol is slowly poisoning our bodies, but even this transparent statement isn’t always enough to prevent people from drinking. In an attempt to reach out to some of those people, the bottom line here on alcohol is what it really does to us.”In a nutshell”, it infiltrates the bloodstream, the brain, the liver, the pancreas, the kidneys, the lungs plus every other living tissue in the body. If we have to put a label on heavy drinkers it would be “Chronic Drinkers” and I have the message that is coming over loud and clear.

Studies have shown that heavy drinking will reduce the size of your brain, your reactions become slower and you begin to lose your memory. Also in the studies which where carried out, alcoholics showed signs of cognitive dysfunction, this was proved by using the latest technology in MRI scanning. The strength of a drink you’re drinking will have the effect and impact on the absorption rate. It’s simple really the stronger drinks are absorbed quicker than weaker drinks.

The worst thing of all are neat spirits as they will immediately irritate the stomach lining which will actually delay its absorption. It will also have an immediate effect on our central nervous system and depresses the inhibitory centers of our brain. People drink alcohol for many reasons but all the the wrong ones, as the answer to a successful life certainly isn’t found in a bottle, but the answers found in the following guide to quit drinking may just help you…

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June 27, 2011

A Guide To Giving up Drinking

StopDrinking alcohol is actually quite a common habit, although You will find conflicting assessments concerning methods for actually stopping drinking alcohol. So you will need to discover your own personal system from the myriads of crisscrossing solutions to eventually manage to stop drinking alcohol for once and for all.

Have a Clear Vision
A clear vision with regards to an alcohol free daily life can inspire you as well as strengthen your determination to stop drinking alcohol. If you do stop drinking, you are going to enhance your general health and quality of life. Your relationship with your parents, husband or wife, kids, friends and relatives will greatly improve.

Negative Effects of Alcohol Addiction
Obsession with alcohol may increase the possibility of injuring yourself and other people while under its influence, and alcohol addiction ruins a life both emotionally and physically. You are also setting a negative example in front of your kids and will lose any moral capacity to correct them when they misbehave.

Self-Help Designed for Stopping Drinking
Think hard and attempt to start to see the benefits of abstaining from drinking alcohol. You may have been dumped by your boy/girl friend that you dearly loved, and just because you’re an alcohol addict. You may not have been able to fulfill a personal ambition regarding a job or sporting pursuit, and just because of your alcohol addiction.

Attempt to analyze the negative results of your drinking habit and try and picture your future without alcohol. Just think how much it could change if you did manage to stop drinking. Why not try and make a really determined effort to quit alcohol once for all, and don’t allow anybody else or any inner voice convince you otherwise.

The Inner Voice
Nevertheless , you must try to separate your own inner voices. One voice won’t care anything about you, your values, welfare, visions and ambitions for a fantastic, happy and wholesome future. Make a decision to battle against that voice and you really are going to stop drinking alcohol once for all.

Support Groups Such as Alcoholics Anonymous
In the event that self help does not succeed, there are many additional means to assist you for going about quitting alcohol. One such popular community group is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), which arranges meetings all over the world for people who have that desire to stop drinking. This group is made up generally of ex-alcohol addicts, and are more than competent in giving beneficial tips and advice based on their own particular initiatives, agonies, and victories through eliminating alcohol from their lives.

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March 21, 2011

Follow The Road To Giving Up Drinking Alcohol

Do you want to give up drinking? – Or do you know somebody else that you think could improve their way of life by giving up drinking?

Drinking alcohol can be the road to misery for many people, and is the road to failure for alcoholics, so check out this video and begin to follow the road to giving up drinking alcohol today…

FREE Guide For Giving Up Drinking
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February 10, 2011

The Effects Of Drinking When Driving

StopAlcohol will effect a person well before the legal limit of intoxication is reached. The question stands that should a person be behind the wheel with any amount of alcohol in their system? Is ‘buzzed’ driving drunk driving or legal? There has been much research showing impairment of the system beginning at amounts far below the level required to be considered guilty of drunken driving.

All 50 states have designated a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 to be the legal limit for drunk driving. Reaching this limit can vary from person to person based on a number of factors such as Size, gender, physical condition, how much you have eaten, how much sleep you have had, if you are taking any medications, and the actual alcohol content of your chosen “drink.”

A “drink” consists of either one shot of liquor, a five-ounce glass of wine or one beer. All of these contain the same amount of alcohol.

At a .08 BAC level, drivers are so impaired that they are 11 times more likely to have a single-vehicle crash than drivers with no alcohol in their system. But 25 years of research has shown that some impairment begins for both males and females even after one drink. .02 BAC Level At the .02 blood alcohol concentration level, experiments have demonstrated that people exhibit some loss of judgment, begin to relax and feel good. But tests have also shown that drivers at the .02 level experience a decline in visual functions, affecting their ability to track a moving object, and experience a decline in the ability to perform two tasks at the same time.

.02 BAC Level – At the .02 blood alcohol concentration level, experiments have demonstrated that people exhibit some loss of judgment, They start to experience altered mood such as feeling relaxed and good. But tests have also shown that drivers at the .02 level have a decline in visual functions which can affect their ability to track a moving object, and experience a decline in the ability to perform two tasks at the same time (divided attention).

These changes may be very subtle and barely noticeable to the person who has had only one drink, but in an emergency situation while behind the wheel of a vehicle, they could cause the driver to react (or not react) as they would without having had a drink.

.08 BAC Level When someone drinking is approaching the borderline of legal intoxication, studies show that he or she has poor muscle coordination — affecting their balance, speech, vision, reaction time and hearing — find it more difficult to detect danger, and exhibit impaired judgment, self-control, reasoning ability and memory.

If someone with a BAC level of .05 gets behind the wheel, they would be operating the vehicle with a further reduction of coordination. The ability to track moving objects would grow harder and there would be more difficulty in steering. The driver would have a markedly reduced response in emergency situations.

A driver with a BAC of .08 will find it more difficult to concentrate, judge the speed of the vehicle, experience reduced information processing capability and exhibit impaired perception. At a .08 BAC level, drivers are impaired to the point that they are 11 times more likely to have a single-vehicle crash than drivers with no alcohol in their system. But 25 years of studies have shown that some impairment begins for both men and women even after only one drink.

That’s why it is not a good idea to drive no matter how much or how little that you have had to drink.

For the drinker, the above impairments may be hardly noticeable at the time, but the slow reaction times that they can create could be fatal in a emergency driving situation. No matter the situation, it is not a good idea to drive no matter how much or how little that you have had to drink. Further consideration is alcohol tolerance. Alcohol affects people differently. Some people have a higher response to drinking alcohol than others. Simply put, Those drinkers with a high response to alcohol can experience signs of impairment at the .02 BAC level whereas others do not experience effects until the .05 level.

The Safe Limit For this reason, in some states drivers can be arrested for driving while impaired even if their blood alcohol concentration is lower than the legal limit, if the law enforcement officer believes he has probable cause based on the behavior and reactions of the driver. It’s simply not a wise choice to get behind the wheel no matter how much you have had to drink. The only safe driving limit is .00 percent.

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January 12, 2011

Measures To Take When Asking Yourself “Just How Do I Stop Drinking Alcohol”

StopWhen someone chooses to quit drinking it demonstrates the true adoration that person has for living. This generally happens whenever you a person is ready to add a fresh power supply to their body, which will run a life without any health hazards. The only approach to give up the drinking is for you to decide to go through with it, and never let any third person intervene. The path forward lies in your mind, and will eventually change your destiny from lethal drinking.

Now the only method to prepare mentally for initiating this step should be to divert oneself from typical day-to-day behavior. Yoga will help you unwind completely in the mind and body, and you’ll feel your inner mind producing absolute faith in yourself. This helps in preparing you mentally to overpower any corporeal desires.

Feel free to seek the advice of a physician and tell him about any concerns that you confront as a result of alcoholism. Leave that detrimental thinking behind, and just think about the positive joy and happiness in your life after you stop drinking. Not only will you be benefited by getting rid of this particular habit but in addition those who are around you will recognize a big difference in you.

Stop drinking alcohol for any good reason and save your life and also enhance the day-to-day lives of people that are living for you. Give up drinking alcohol and cut costs! Now ask yourself “just how do i give up drinking alcohol?” And here’s the remedy…

7 Ways To Begin Stop Drinking At Home

1) Aim to keep a really small amount of alcohol in your own home.

2) You need to figure out how to say NO to Alcoholic beverages:

3) Learn to be the allocated motorist should you go out anyplace, you also do not have to drink to have a fun time, you will find people that are generally humorous, and don’t drink at all. Try and stay away from the people who give you a difficult time, and always bear in mind that it’s your life.

4) Continually remain active because this is a superb approach to stay away from alcohol, so go and become a member of a health club, walking club, or even undertake golf. All of these help you stay extremely healthy and balanced, and also it’s a good way to meet new people.

5) Try taking a rest from alcoholic beverages, because this is a fantastic start to give up drinking alcohol permanently, then try and stop drinking one day per week and so on.

6) Beware of your demons, as you will at a certain point run into them, which can be people trying to get you to drink, bu even though it is difficult to say NO, keep in your mind why you are actually doing this, as you aren’t changing for them, it is for you and your loved ones and in addition they come foremost in your life.

7) Never ever quit – Challenging habits are hard to get rid of and it’s hard to change everything all at one time, so do not quit at the very first barrier.

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