January 9, 2009

Help for Quitting Drinking

AntabuseA great tool available for those who desire to quit drinking is the medication Disulfram, aka ‚??Antabuse.‚?Ě When you take the prescription drug Antabuse it hinders your body‚??s ability to metabolize alcohol; basically, you‚??ll get sick if you drink.

The effect has been described as the worst hangover of your life, which is a good way to phrase it for problem drinkers.

The idea may sound horrible and something you would never willingly do, but think about it. Antabuse makes quitting drinking easier because you only have to have willpower for 5 minutes a day, long enough to take the drug. After taking it you need no real willpower to stay dry.

his little pharmaceutical miracle can turn the arguing around. Remember that you need to be careful. While taking it you are very sensitive to alcohol. Even small amounts in shampoo or deodorant can make you ill. Consult a doctor and do your homework.

Don‚??t start taking it unless you‚??ve been alcohol free for 72 hours, and don‚??t drink for as much as 2 weeks after you stop taking it.

Cleansing Your System with Alcohol Detoxification

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