December 24, 2007

How Alcohol Affects Different People

It’s party time, and as we know everyone’s loves a good party at Christmas and New Year. 

Celebrating Christmas and the New Year for most people it’s a time to really enjoy themselves, yes it can be very tempting to have far to many and lose control, which in most cases this is what happens over this very festive period. 

How many times have you seen or heard someone spoiling Christmas or the New Year because they can’t control there drink? It happens year after year.  

What people tend to forget is that they are in control of there drinking habits and not alcohol in control of there’s!  Once someone has a drink of alcohol they need to understand that there mind changes, people become unhappy, depression set’s in, people get very angry, yourself esteem hits rock bottom, you start to fall out with people, and all other kinds of things happen. 

I have even heard of someone getting upset with his girlfriend because she wouldn’t answer him via text message, and low and be-hold he ended up jumping in his car very drunk and having an argument with her, which then led to a very upsetting story in the papers the next day saying he’d strangled her to death, all because he couldn’t control his drink. Of course these are very rare cases, but they do happen.  

When your out on your Christmas or New Years party ask yourself one question do you want to be that stupid idiot which everyone talks about, because they can’t handle there drink? Of course not. 

What you can do, is try a bit of planning, I like to ask myself the following, what do I want from this party? Of course the number one answer’s are enjoyment, fun and be happy. Did you know anyone can achieve these without touching a drop of alcohol, if you don’t think you can’t give it a try.  

Instead of saying to yourself I’ll stop tomorrow, try stopping today, when I was on the bottle which was just over 5 years ago, I promised my daughter I’d stop on Christmas eve, I told myself If I can conquer this day which is the second heaviest day for drinking through out the year then I can conquer anyone of them, which I did and my daughter was so proud of me, this made my Christmas and my daughters. 

Sometimes people just need to take a step back and look at what’s around them, seeing things that really count like family and friends, because drinking isn’t one of them. It’s a killer and it’s the root to all evil. Make a promise to someone like I did and do what ever it takes to stick to it, yes it very hard, but I can promise you one thing, it’s the most rewarding thing you’ll ever come across in your life. 

Enjoy your festive season whatever you decide to do, have a great and safe Christmas and New Year! 

Ed Philips


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