September 4, 2009

How Alcohol Can Ruin Your Life

StopMoney – Alcohol definitely eats away at the budget and while money should certainly not be the main reason you stop drinking it is something that everyone worries about. More often than not drinking leads to other expensive habits such as gambling or smoking therefore, quitting drinking should save quite a lot of money that can definitely be used for better things, such as a vacation or new car. Obviously money will never buy happiness however it can certainly peace of mind.

Family – Alcoholism takes over your life. The bottle replaces your family and this is the beginning of the road to a very lonely life. Don’t let alcohol ruin the relationship you have with your friends and family since it is them, not alcohol, which give life its true value. Problem drinkers usually come from homes where there were problem drinkers. Change the future for yourself and your family by quitting drinking.

Health – We already know that alcohol destroys your liver but were you aware that it plays a huge part in a variety of other fatal diseases? Prolonged drinking causes health problems that can go undetected until its too late to stop the damage. If you must drink try non-alcoholic beer which gives you the taste but not the fatal consequences

Stability – Many people drink when under stress and the majority of stress is found in the workplace. Drinking on the job is one of the number one reasons people get fired. As we can see, alcohol can ruin your finances, your family, your health, and your career.

No future – Alcohol is more than happy to make the decisions in your life for you, regrettably the choices made will not be favorable for you, however you do have the power to change that, quit drinking! If you are living a life free from the power of alcohol please watch out for others who may not be quite as fortunate.

How To Quit Drinking

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