July 17, 2009

How Alcohol Damages Your Liver And Ways To Stop Drinking

StopIf you drink alcohol while using medication, of even the smallest dosage, can aggravate your medical condition. Currently there at least 150 types of medicine which will actually make your condition worse if you take it while under the influence of alcohol. Antihistamines are one example where alcohol increases the sedative effect thereby hindering the ability to drive or handle machinery.

Tylenol and other pain relievers in conjunction with alcohol can easily lead to liver damage. These are only a few of the types of problems that can occur when people decide to self medicate and then drink alcohol. It is always best to consult with a physician on which medicines should be taken and whether they are compatible with alcohol.

Medical problems are not the only outcome of alcohol addiction; heavy consumption of alcohol can also lead to legal as well as social problems. Heavy drinking will also create problems at work and with family and friends. Going to work hung over leads to poor performance and eventually the loss of your job.

Pregnancy and alcoholism is a bad mix as fetal alcohol syndrom is something that will affect the child for the rest of its life. These children are more prone to serious behavioral problems and on going learning difficulties. Physical and mental problems are another consequence of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Long-Term Health Problems: Liver problems, heart diseases and certain forms of cancer can all be the result of long term drinking. While you may not notice these problems right away if you continue to drink to excess you can expect to have one of them. Studies show that women who drink are even more prone to breast cancer than those who do not.

Alcohol Related Liver Complications: Liver diseases related to alcohol consumption include and inflammation. Hepatitis and alcohol use can be a fatal combination. Cirrhosis or scarring of liver occurs in approximately 10-20% of all heavy drinkers and often requires liver transplants. There is even a risk of contracting hepatitis C virus-HCV-infection which may cause liver cancer.

Depression is another side effect of drinking. After initially stimulating the mind, alcohol will turn to causing sedation with continual consumption. It can also diminish the immune system and produce changes in our logical way of thinking, emotional behavior and judgment. Alcoholic use will also lead to problems with speech and overall muscle coordination. These problems as well as others could eventually lead the alcoholic to fall into a coma.

Problems with Diabetics: Studies have shown that drinking alcohol slows the release of glucose from the liver which increases the risk of low blood sugar causing a disease called hypoglycemia. Diabetes is a dangerous disease and if you notice symptoms you want to get it checked out immediately.

You are also putting your pancreas at risk as is where insulin is produced and it is insulin which regulates your blood sugar. Alcohol can also effect the production of hormones used in controlling the metabolism. The pancreas also produces very important enzymes vital for the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates. Long term drinking will cause pancreatitis and an acute pancreatitis can cause severe abdominal pain, diarrhea and weight loss which could be fatal. So quit drinking alcohol now.

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