July 3, 2009

How Alcoholic Parents Affect Their Children

StopIt is imperative that we teach our children about the dangers of alcohol and drugs. As parents it is our responsibility to educate our children with the dangers that alcohol presents to their health.

Do your research using the worldâ??s largest library, the internet, and find the tools you need to speak with your child about the dangers of alcohol and drugs.

You want to be the first one to educate your child about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, which means starting early before their friends get to them first. Present a united front with both mom and dad giving the same advice regarding how alcohol can ruin their lives if they begin at an early age.

Encourage them to ask questions so you get an idea regarding how much they already know. You need to make it clear that alcohol is a drug and can be addictive which means that only one glass of beer could be the cause to a young child becoming an alcoholic.

You also want to emphasize that they should never take medicine, alcohol, or pills from anyone and if they are offered it they should feel comfortable telling you about it. An important thing to recognize is that if your children know that you will listen to them when they have trivial things to say they will feel more comfortable coming to you with the difficult things as well.

Studies have revealed that parents who listen to their childâ??s feelings or problems have fewer chances of their kids becoming hooked on drugs or alcohol. If you notice that your child has a sudden personality change or acts out in strange ways and you feel they are involved with drugs or alcohol please seek professional guidance immediately.

The best education you can give is through your own behavior so make sure that you limit your own habits and that alcohol is not accessible at home. Having the right environment in your home is the key for your childâ??s success against alcohol and drugs.

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