May 22, 2009

How Alcoholics Can Recover From Addiction

StopUnfortunately the majority of alcoholics just never get help in time, and refuse to reach out for help until it is too late. If only they had just realized that they had indeed had a problem and that at least somebody had managed to have to perseverance to get the message through. Sometimes though a tragic stories can lead to help other people and even react if they are able to see the same thing happening in their own life. Obviously those who suffer most are an alcoholics direct family so as we all have family this story should be easy enough to relate to.

Mr Jones woke up one summers morning to find his 60 year old wife had passed out in her bed. She was only 60, didn’t have cancer, no heart disease, just severe depression, due to the fact that her children had moved away and leaving her no grandchildren close by, and her life became empty and she just felt worthless and slowly lead towards depression.

Her husband was not a very loving man and wasn’t really up to the job of being a good listener. On the contrary, he would put her down, criticize her feelings and managed to distance himself from her dilemma. So Mrs Jones began to look for comfort elsewhere, and due to her lack of real friends in her life, she found something that she thought would help – Alcohol.

Why Alcohol? It makes you forget and the problems just disappear making it the perfect solution for a depressed person. Unfortunately Mrs Jones didn’t stop drinking for 21 days until one morning she just didn’t wake up due to her comatose state. During her stay in hospital her family were only interested in getting her to stop drinking alcohol, and not affronting the issues that most worried Mrs Jones. You see, she was still under the illusion that without alcohol her life would remain a dark existence, so she ended up not even wanting to talk to any of her family.

After 3 weeks in hospital it was decided to let Mrs Jones return home to her husband, who was under strict instructions not to let her drink. Mrs Jones was in a desperate state, and later said she was planning suicide, but then that very morning the phone rang. It was Mrs Jones son Peter with some good news. His wife was pregnant and so they had decided to return home as they would need Mrs Jones help with the other Grand children. Well suddenly Mrs Jones life was turned upside down and she suddenly had meaning given back to her life. Even though she had to wait several months for their return, she was a new women.

The moral behind the story is twofold really. First, alcohol is not a solution to depression and secondly if you do know an alcoholic personally, ask them what the matter is and act accordingly. Even if you can get their problem met half way it could prevent a tragic end.

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