February 10, 2011

How Alcoholism Can Result In Infertility

StopMany people are aware of the problems that arise as a result of alcohol but a little known consequence affecting alcoholic women is that of infertility. Studies have proven that a woman who has battled alcohol in any amount during any point of their lives can face potential infertility issues. Some women have found it difficult to even conceive while others have had pregnancies ending in miscarriage without ever being able to successfully carry a baby. Those women who do carry a baby to term many times experience complications during and after childbirth for both themselves and their baby.

Women need to know all of the infertility dangers associated with being an alcoholic or even just a “moderate” drinker. An over consumption of alcohol can interfere with or even stop the ovulation cycle resulting in the inability to conceive. Another outcome of alcoholism a woman faces is that of increased levels of estrogen and progesterone.

Men who are wanting to have children really need to think about the risks involved with alcoholism as well. Alcohol can cause men to have, what would be called, abnormal shaped sperm, which inevitably could lead to impotency. This could cause some very serious issues psychologically also, making the man feel inadequate, unworthy and less of a man really.

Men need to be aware that alcohol can in fact destroy the sperm producing cells at the same time having an effect on the hormone levels throughout the body. Should you want to have your own children in the future, you must at least slow down your drinking today if not stop altogether. Reducing alcohol consumption will increase the chance of having children one day.

If you or a loved one are battling alcohol, realizing all of the health risks and damage that drinking can bring about might help lead you to stop. From liver problems to infertility, the consequences to your health can be devastating. Research alcoholism on the Internet or talk to those who have been in the same situation themselves for support and comfort.

The most important thing you can do is to not put alcoholism off any longer. Face the fact that alcohol has become a problem in your life and for those around you to help bring perspective to quitting today. With determination and all of the support methods available, you can overcome alcohol and live a bright, healthy future.

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