January 27, 2009

How Can You Stop Drinking Alcohol?

StopHave you reached the point in your life when enough is enough with alcohol? Perhaps you have been drinking too much for years or are only now recognizing that you are starting to drink to excess. Whatever the reasons, the most important choice you can make is the one to stop drinking.

This can often be the most difficult decision to make. How can you possibly decide to stop doing something that seems impossible to live without? Wonâ??t life become boring? Wonâ??t your friends think you are weird and leave you? Wonâ??t you become stressed and unable to relax?

Unfortunately this kind of thinking is what will undoubtedly find you reaching for another drink! Instead of looking at a lifetime without alcohol how about looking at quitting for the next 30 days? Can you do a month without drinking? Although it is a challenge, giving it a time frame will help you cope with the choice you have made.

The first step is to decide to go 30 days without drinking. Now you now need to plan how you are going to achieve this goal and what are you going to do instead?

Have I Got a Drinking Problem? - A Frequently Asked Question

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