July 3, 2008

How Families Suffer

UnhappyWe all know the basics of how to keep a relationship going, as it is mainly just plain common sense, but when you add alcohol into the equation then it’s not so straight forward. Alcohol is an illness that spreads throughout the family even though some members might not even touch the stuff.

The key to stopping alcohol ruining your family relationship is to spot the problem straight away. If somebody is dependent on alcohol it doesn’t just happen over night, as it is a gradual process and people slowly become alcohol dependent. The problem arises when the problem is spotted as a problem, as then it is probably too late for them to take the problem seriously and just opens the door to another alcoholic dysfunctional family.

In fact many dysfunctional families will just become blind to alcoholic related problems. The alcoholic will behave in such a way that they too become blind to the effects that they are having on their family. At this stage the amount of lies and excuses would have increased greatly as they need to spend more time down the pub or where ever they can get a drink.

Strangely enough although maintaining the same behavior pattern, a partner will even lie for their drunk other half when it comes to giving excuses for not attending work etc. If children are involved then no doubt their school work will be affected in a negative sense, due to the presence of alcohol in the family home.

The only way for an alcoholic and his family to get out of this delicate situation, is by the alcoholic admitting to his problem. Denying the problem will just make things worse, so the sooner an alcoholic starts to come to terms with their problem, the sooner they can stop hurting those whom they love the most. Denying the problem any further will just worsen the alcohol dependency symptoms.

It is completely wrong to cover up for an alcoholic partner as you are in a way preventing them from getting the help that they really need for a better life. You see no one else would cover up for them, and just suppose that you were the alcoholic…would you want someone to help you?

Alcohol and Medication

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