August 27, 2007

How To Avoid Drinking Too Much Alcohol

If you are trying to prevent yourself from drinking too much alcohol at social gatherings or even in your daily life, there are certain things you should know about how to live a life that is balanced and alcohol-free. Here are a few ways that you can keep your alcohol intake under control.

One of the best things you can do to monitor your drinking is to plan your social life carefully. If you want to stay away from alcohol, try to make sure that you are not always in tempting settings where alcohol is served. If you usually go to lounges and parties where there is a bartender or cocktails, try going to the movies or pack a picnic instead. Not only will this give you and your friends something different to do when you go out, but you can be sure that you won’t have to deal with the pressure of drinking if you feel it may get out of control. In addition, the people that you are hanging out with won’t be drinking either, which takes the pressure off tremendously.

You should also make sure that you understand the connection between your drinking and your daily habits. If you normally drink when you are upset or stressed, pay attention to the things that make you upset and try to either eliminate them, or deal with them in a different way. For instance, if you are experiencing stress at work, and usually drink after work, try something else that relieves stress, such as taking a walk after dinner or listening to your favorite music. You can also take advantage of meditation to clear your head and calm yourself down. This may feel strange to you at first but after a while, you will become accustomed to using alternative methods to make yourself feel better. It is also best to substitute drinking with positive activities as soon as possible. Even if you feel that you are just a social drinker and only drink when you are out with friends, you should use things like physical activity, your favorite television show, or spending time with loved ones to replace your tendency to drink.

Asking your doctor for advice is also a great way to get help if you think that your drinking is getting out of control. Your physician can refer you to counselors and therapists that can help you control your drinking before it becomes a serious problem that can ruin relationships with family and friends and eventually destroy your life. It may be a good idea for you to visit an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting or two in your area, so that you can talk about your feelings in an environment where you won’t be judged. You will be pleasantly surprised by the insight you will find by listening to others who may have been in your shoes at one point. You will also be able to make an honest observation about whether or not you need to get more help.

No matter which methods you choose to get your drinking under control, it is important to be honest with yourself about how serious your problem is and to ask friends and loved ones for support while you’re making sure that alcohol does not take over your life.

The Dangers of Binge Drinking

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Boniang libang said:

Its too hard for me to get rid of alcohol but am still trying to. There are many disadvantages in drinking. Alcohol kills and destroys.

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