January 30, 2010

How To Help An Alcoholic By Identifying Their Drinking Problem

StopA lot of us end up having a drink or two during occasions and celebrations like an unofficial client meeting, conferences, weddings, boys or girls night out and sometimes, we just visit the pub after a highly stressful weekend. But not all of us can be called alcoholics. So how does one identify if one has a drinking problem?

People can have a drinking problem if they exhibit the following four signs – craving for a drink including experiencing symptoms like sweating, shakiness and tremors if he or she has not had a drink for a day or so, losing control over the amount of drinks and the necessity to drink a significant number of “large” to achieve a “high”. This condition is also known as alcohol dependence or alcohol addiction or alcoholism.

If you are still unsure if somebody is suffering from a drinking problem, just ask the questions given below. If most of the answers are “yes”, it is a matter of concern…

Do you secretly consume alcohol and stash it away in a secured place in your home, bathroom, handbag or workplace?

If somebody asked you how much drinks you’ve had, do you lie and reduce the amount?

Have your friends and family recently expressed any concerns or worries over your drinking?

Do you often drink alone?

Do you start your mornings with a drink and end your day with a drink?

Do you tend to go out of control or irritated if you have not had a drink for a very long time?

Do you tend to end up drinking and sometimes forget to do other routine things like picking up kids from the school or forget important occasions?

Does a lot of entertainment for you mean spending time at the pub or places where drinks are available?

If they have answered positively to all the above questions, it is high time they acknowledge that they have an alcohol addiction. However, alcoholism is a disease and can be cured. The very fact that they have admitted they have a problem related to drinking is a significant step towards recovery. Most often alcoholics have a difficulty in admitting that they are addicted to alcohol and attribute their incessant drinking to things like stress which is just an excuse.

This is called “denial” and most alcoholics pass through this phase. Accepting that you have a problem related to drinking is therefore significant. However, this is not enough. In order to totally abstain from drinking, you need to have the will and determination as the very first few weeks of no drinking can be quite tough physically and mentally. Support from family and friends can work wonders, so do whatever you can to help an alcoholic by identifying that they really do have a drinking problem.

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