February 6, 2010

How To Help An Alcoholic Stop Drinking Alcohol On Their Own

StopIf you are reading this article, it is because you need tips about How To Help An Alcoholic. Let’s get things clear from the start, that helping an alcoholic depends only on their determination to succeed and good old will power. Your job will be to get the ball rolling, and stick by your friend or family member, while they suffer the effects of giving up alcohol. Read on and you will soon know exactly how you can help an alcoholic stop drinking on their own…

It is not necessary that a person attends meetings at Alcoholics Anonymous or join a rehabilitation center to quit incessant drinking. Drinking was an addiction that gets into somebody through their own will, and on the whole most alcoholics give themselves excuses for seeking solace in alcohol. In the same manner, an alcoholic can quit drinking on their own. Several sites dedicate sections on “how to stop drinking on your own”. Let us be clear about this – no amount of attending meetings at the local AA or endless sessions and therapies at a rehab can help you quit the practice of drinking unless an alcoholic realizes the need to do so and have the determination and will to overcome the terrible cravings.

The steps below mentioned elaborate on how to stop drinking on your own, and will set the ground rules in starting to help an alcoholic;-

1) An alcoholic must remove all liquor bottles wherever they may be stashed – That includes at work, at home, gym locker etc.

2) He/she should Shun all forms of alcoholic drink and let family and friends know that they are abstaining from alcohol.

3) They should avoid contact with their drinking friends. They are the ones who will be the constant reminder of the existing relationship with alcohol and it is better to cut off contact from them until the alcoholic feels that they keep their cravings under control and not succumb to temptations.

4) Avoid going to pubs and discotheques with bars. Rather resort to entertainment like parks, movies, sports and family gatherings where liquor is not present. That includes going to parties that serve liquor without their family member or friend who is supportive of their decision to abstain from alcohol. If an alcoholic has the obligation to attend, then ensure that the watchdog stays with them throughout the party and is willing to stop them from consuming liquor.

This is not as easy as it seems but if an alcoholic has the will and determination, their battle is half won. Now you might wonder if shunning their friends for the sake of booze may drive them away. Remember that true friends and relationships will only be happy about their decision and support it.

Other steps you can take to keep their mind off alcohol including getting involved in projects that will keep them occupied. If their work life is too stressful, they will be tempted to taste a wee bit of alcohol but should not succumb to their cravings. Instead, an alcoholic should reduce their work load stress or even volunteer for community projects as a distraction. Starting yoga, exercise at the gym or meditation classes will also help an alcoholic a great deal to reduce stress levels.

An alcoholic should consult their physician before attempting total abstinence. People sometimes experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms that can even be life threatening. Therefore, make sure the alcoholic knows what to expect beforehand, and also about the dangers of carrying on drinking, so a trip to the physician will take care of these points.

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