March 27, 2010

How To Quit Alcohol Through The Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps

StopThe Alcoholics Anonymous or AA is one of the oldest organizations that help self-confessed alcoholics to abstain from drinking by seeking support from other members who have been addicted to alcohol and finding different ways to shun it for lifetime and resume life like normal. Its origins can be traced somewhere to the mid 1800s but there are no such clear facts or figures as it is a non-registered, nonprofit organization spread across the entire world, who offer the alcoholics anonymous 12 steps plan, and it works.

It is very simple to attend an AA meeting. You do not have to enroll or register. All you have to do is check where the next AA meeting is being held in your local town or city. Get the details from the web site or your local paper and just go and attend it. You do not need to divulge details on your name or occupation and it is expected that all other members of the AA attending the meeting preserve anonymity. Therefore, the name Alcoholics Anonymous! After all, they are present for the same reason that you are – to get support in abstaining from alcohol.

Most AA meetings involve members of the meeting sharing their experiences about how their life was affected by alcohol and what steps they took or did not take to keep away from alcohol. It also touches the emotional aspects of being an alcoholic and how one can get life back to normal after the effects of alcohol on their family, friends, work and themselves. Sometimes, AA meetings can describe about their alcoholics anonymous 12 steps towards abstaining from alcohol. This alcoholics anonymous 12 steps program has a spiritual incline and sometimes members may not benefit too much from this unless they have belief and faith. However, sharing oneā??s own experiences and listening to other peopleā??s life stories can have a catharsis like impact on the person and thus have some therapeutic effect. Also, most alcoholics abstaining from alcohol become close friends with other AA members as they are going through the same phase of life and struggle and can be more empathetic than their own family and friends.

AA does not solicit membership or retain any control on its members. It is also not a charitable organization that any alcoholic can use to seek monetary or non-monetary help. It also does not have any specific counseling sessions or acts as a qualifying or certifying authority for lawyers, parole boards or any other organizations. It also does not provide any conditions through which one can decide if he or she is an alcoholic or not. If you think you have an alcohol problem, you are welcome and if you feel it does not help you, you can stop coming after one attendance.

Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps

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