October 9, 2009

How To Quit Drinking Alcohol With Swine Flu

StopI wouldn’t have believed it possible until recently that you could actually quit alcohol in under a week, but I have had so many people writing in recently to say just how easy it was for them to do just that. How come it has just come to light you may just ask? It really is so obvious but I suppose we have to thank the Swine Flu scare. It seems that so many people have been getting some sort of virus over the last few months, but not really known what they had.

So how does Swine Flu help you quit drinking? Being frightened of the unknown is the only real reason I can come up with, and the knowledge that it can be lethal if a life threatening condition is already present in the body, and that would also include alcoholism. The interesting thing is that most of the successful cases I have heard of, resulted in the alcoholic not actually having had Swine Flu in the first place, but just normal Flu or some sort of throat infection that resulted in having a high temperature.

The thing is if you are ill with any sort of influenza you will normally end up staying at home for up to a week, away from temptation. So it really is the ideal situation to quit drinking, as you won’t actually even feel like having a drink anyway, apart from the fact that you probably shouldn’t consume alcohol due to the antibiotics that would be prescribed.

You won’t even recognize the withdrawal symptoms due to the effects of the virus and medication, that will cause you to spend the best part of the day asleep. So the next time you catch the Flu, take the opportunity to quit drinking too like so many other people have done this year. It is sad to see that many people have died from Swine Flu; even though more people actually die from normal Flu, but there is always a positive side to every story, this one being that Swine Flu may actually have helped more people quit drinking this year than any other treatment. Now isn’t that just amazing?

To keep up your strength during the seven days, drink plenty of water, fruit juice and milk as your appetite will probably be affected, but try to eat as much soft fruit as possible. You also need to sleep as much as possible, so one way to keep tired is to read something stimulating. This same method can also be applied to help quit smoking, so make sure that the next time you come down with Flu, that you really do make the effort to either quit drinking, quit smoking or both.

I mean it really is common sense really, but if you can quit alcohol for a week you are really half way there. During that week, set yourself certain goals to help you keep it up once you have to venture out into the outside world.

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