March 5, 2010

How To Quit Drinking – Just Say No To Alcohol!

StopIf you want to found out How To Quit Drinking, then just ask an alcoholic to give ten reasons why he or she drinks incessantly. Most alcoholics would have started drinking to find comfort in something that they are lacking. The excuse could be anything – shyness, lack of love or affection. Finally, at some point of time they forget the main reason why they started drinking and get addicted to drinking. However, drinking is no substitute for anything that you are lacking in life. In fact, it can only deteriorate the existing quality of life. There have been several average successful and prosperous people in life who have plummeted to the lowest of living owing to their addiction to alcohol.

Drinking does not only harm the alcoholic physically and mentally, family and friends close to that person also suffer mentally and sometimes physically. There are enough statistics around the entire world that prove that a large amount of domestic violence, physical and mental abuse, broken relationships, and broken homes stem from alcoholism of just one member of the family. Are not these sufficient reasons for one alcoholic to stop drinking? After all, who wants to see their and their loved ones life crumbling just because of them?

There are several other practical reasons for not drinking alcohol. Alcoholics are always at the risk of contracting several other medical conditions like lung or liver cancer, heart disorders and brain and nerve damage. Alcoholics are also more likely to pick up habits like cigarette smoking and drugs. In fact, according to certain statistics, alcoholics are more likely to die 15 years earlier than the others because of such conditions. And one must not forget that a large number of accidents can be attributed to drunken driving.

Alcohol can just not kill you physically; it can cause severe damage to your lifestyle. If you have been an average man with a good family and a good job and then succumb to alcohol addiction, it can have a devastating effect on you and your family. As an alcoholic you can do depraving things under the effect of alcohol that you would later regret for the entire lifetime. Not only will you suffer from depression and anxiety, you are bound to spread that effect on your entire family.

If you want to be in control of your life, stop drinking. The effect of alcohol is a mere illusion and once you are back to reality, you will hate yourself for what you have done. Enjoy this miracle of life! If you are worried or concerned about something, seek help from your family and friends. Seek spiritual guidance and help. Preoccupy yourself with your work and involve yourself in charity affairs. It is never too late to say no to alcohol!

How To Quit Drinking

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How To Quit Drinking Tips

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