December 6, 2009

How To Quit Drinking Through Online Support

StopTo quit drinking should be the obvious thing to do for someone whose health is adversely affected by the drinking of alcohol. But every alcoholic takes some time to accept that he is one. By the time the realization sets in, he is in a much deeper mess than before, and extricating himself from it is that much more difficult.

The problem with drinking is that it is socially sanctioned in so many cultures. Then there is the association with fun, good times and manliness about the act of drinking so assiduously built up by the multi billion dollar liquor industry. They cleverly associate drinking with major sports, fashion and lifestyle events around the world.

This carefully crafted image of harmless fun and good times often leads to an endless spiral of drinking parties, binges, and more and more reasons to drink for some young people. What they need to do is to view things in perspective, and realize that their future will be one of grief, disease and misery if they do not quit drinking and adopt a healthy lifestyle

In fact nations have been brought to ruin because people will not quit drinking. Take the case of Russia for example whose people have a historical love affair with Vodka. Empires and governments have come and gone, but the Russian people will not sober up. This has caused untold damage to their national productivity, the health of the citizens and indeed the problem has become so grave that another Russian head of state has had to exhort is people to quit drinking.

The realization that drinking ruins oneā??s career, family and social life, health and not to speak of oneā??s finances is a powerful reason for people to want to quit drinking. There are people who are strong willed enough to totally give up drinking for ever once they have realized the folly of continuing with pernicious habit. Then there are others who need more time and professional help to assist them in quitting.

The family of course can be a pillar of strength to somebody trying to quit drinking because it often involves a lot of emotional trauma. Then of course there is the redoubtable Alcoholics Anonymous, an informal association of reformed and reforming alcoholics who not only offer invaluable advice but are often bedrock of immense support.

To those who would not quit and persist with their drinking ways one would only offer oneā??s sympathies for they are on the highway to disaster and oblivion. They will eventually ruin their health; lose their job, money and family. There would be no hope left for them, and what could have been a life full of promise would have come to naught.

If you really need to know how to quit drinking, the information is freely available on the Internet, as so many people have now managed to quit drinking through the means of online support, and why not. The Internet has so much bad publicity, whereas really it is no more than a massive library full of information that can help us to find out or achieve virtually anything.

How To Quit Drinking

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Drinking Too Much Alcohol? Learn How To Quit Drinking Online

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New blog post : How To Quit Drinking Through Online Support

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