April 17, 2009

How to Stop Drinking Alcohol – A Serious Guide

StopI have paid a lot of attention recently to just what the symptoms of alcoholism are, how an alcoholic can recognize that they are indeed addicts and not just heavy drinkers and also just how much damage alcohol can cause to family relations as well as causing a negative effect to social behavior leading to complete isolation to the rest of the world.

Alcohol will literally take control of your brain and thinking capacity to such a degree that only alcohol will make you feel good about yourself from the moment you get up to the moment you pass out later on in the day. It is a behavior pattern that can only lead to disaster whereby alcohol leads you to believe that life just isn’t worth living without a continued relationship with alcohol.

Once this point is reached in an alcoholics life, it always appears to signal alarm bells from within, which is probably the last chance there is to actually quit drinking alcohol, so this is where I want to help in giving advice for those first few days before and after quitting drinking.

To reach that critical decision the need to visualize the importance of your life to the people arround you and hold the belief that if you change your life, you can also help to improve their lives as well as there really isn’t a better gift than that of giving. Set a day within reason and try to reduce the daily amount of alcohol consumed and make sure that you wake up to an alcohol free environment as well as having everything you need at home for at least a week.

Now alcoholism is a disease and illness that warrants you having time off work so make sure that you have previously been issued with a Doctors certificate, as losing your job won’t help at all in your efforts to quit alcohol. You won’t feel too good for the first few days and you may be best off just staying in bed until you really have the desire to get up and see what awaits you.

Family and friends as well as support groups will be your new partner of life and they will no doubt give you all the support to make you realize that you have made to right decision to quit drinking alcohol. After about 72 days you would have virtually alcoholism, but beware of feeling over confident and thinking that just one quick drink would be a nice treat for all your effort.

Every day is crucial during the first 3 weeks and you will meet a different challenge every day, so make sure that you take the necessary time to get back to work, and if you continue to feel the same anxieties in life then you may need to take difficult decisions that will relieve you of any stress or pressure. Remember only you are your family are important, so even if it means reducing your standard of living drastically it is your life and future we are talking about.

How Alcoholics Can Recover From Addiction

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