December 20, 2007

How To Stop Drinking Alcohol For Good

Okay the most common question asked is can I stop drinking alcohol?
And the simple answer is yes anyone can, but you have to have made your mind up and be fully committed to doing it.

Anyone going into this half hearted will not succeed so you might as well stop reading this article now.

Cutting down on alcohol will improve your health and your life, and remember your only here once this is not a practise or a rehearsal. Think of your reasons for curbing your alcohol addiction and make sure you write them down.

Are you looking to improve your lifestyle and health?
Do you want to improve your relationship with your family and friends?
What makes you want to drink less?

If you have answered yes to the above then this is a step in the right direction.

First you have to think of some realistic goals, without goals you’ll not succeed. Maybe you have chosen to not drink at all, or maybe you have chosen to cut down your drinking by half, or cut down your drinking day by day or week by week, which ever way you choose you have to stick by it, trust me it worth it.

Remember you should always keep a day by day journal of your alcohol consumption, with out this you really have know idea of what your drinking. Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself after a few weeks.

Do you drink more when your alone?
Do you drink more when your sad?
Do you drink more when your lonely?
Do you drink more when your angry?
Do you drink more when your around certain people?
Do you forget what you have done when you’ve been drinking?

If you find that these apply to you then try changing your habits, lets say you drink when your sad, then watch something on TV or listen to so thing on the radio which makes you happy, you have to start getting in a routine and once you conquer your nearly there.

What most people do is set there sights to high so they fail at the first step, set realistic goals and you’ll soon find that your reaching these. Drinking does not control me – I control my drinking!

Nearly everyone who has a drinking problem has a health problem and the simple reason for this is alcohol damages your organs and without your organs your body doesn’t work, look after your organs and they will look after you.

Most people who take action and go and seek help for there alcohol addiction do either quit drinking altogether or drink in very rare occasions.

How Alcohol Affects Different People

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