March 4, 2008

Ideas to keep your teen from drinking

The stories of children drinking are staggering and what is most surprising is the age at which they begin. How can we keep our children away from alcohol? There is no surefire way as even with our best efforts there are those whose main goal is to corrupt our kids. Here are a few tips to help:

  • Be INVOLVED in your childs life, listen to them and be aware of what is happening in their life
  • Set clear rules and penalties regarding drinking and ENFORCE them
  • If you keep alcohol in your home either lock it up or monitor the levels. Alcohol in the home should NOT be readily available to your children
  • NEVER provide alcohol to your child
  • Do not let your child attend parties where alcohol may be served. Be in contact with the parents of their friends to monitor who will be home during the party.

Alcohol Poisoning

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