August 9, 2008

Is Alcohol Worth It??

BrokenStudies have linked chemical changes in the brain to the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol increases feeling of depression by way of family problems, performance issues at work, and alcohol even effects memory and sexual performance that can led to frustration.

While alcohol can help us to forget our problems, it is only temporary. Alcohol may help us feel more relaxed and more confident in social situations, but again it is only temporary. Once the temporary fix is over, the problems and issues that perhaps even started the drinking in the first place are still there and many times are even worse.

Many people find an escape in alcohol or a way to help cope with the pressures in life without realizing the truth hidden at the bottom of the bottle. The real truth about alcohol is that it will develop into an addiction if it is allowed. You will become addicted to the way it makes you feel and soon your body too will become addicted to the way alcohol or the lack of alcohol has on it.

If you have fallen victim to the dangers and negative effects of alcohol you must first recognize alcohol as the problem. By admitting it exists, you can deal with the challenge of overcoming your addiction. Resources such as stopdrinkingadvice, an online blog are helpful in their support and guidance.

Alcoholics Anonymous - Always There

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