January 3, 2007

Is there a difference between alcoholism and alcohol abuse?

Is there a difference between alcoholism and alcohol abuse? If so, what are the differences and is alcohol abuse a serious problem? Does alcohol abuse mean that a person needs to stop drinking?

There is a difference between alcoholism and alcohol abuse. When a person is dealing with alcoholism the craving factor is involved. There is a physical dependence on alcohol for the alcoholic and also a loss of control over the drinking itself.

Alcohol abuse is different because it is defined as a pattern of drinking that results in at least one of these situations during the course of a year:

Having a problem with fulfilling responsibilities or commitments at home, school or work.

Drinking while operating machinery or driving a car or any other situations that are physically dangerous.
Continuing to drink even when relationships are falling apart or getting worse because of drinking.

Alcohol-related problems that end in recurring legal dilemmas such as driving under the influence or injuring someone because you were drunk.

Alcohol abuse is not the same thing as alcoholism but many of the effects of alcohol abuse are the same as those experienced by alcoholics. In either case it is usually a good idea to stop drinking and make an appointment to get some help.

There are signs that a person may have a drinking problem. If you sometimes feel guilty or bad about your drinking or feel that you should cut down on your drinking or stop drinking, you could have a problem.

Have there been times when others have irritated you or made you mad because they criticized your drinking habits? Maybe you sometimes have a drink first thing in the morning just to get rid of a hangover or to steady your nerves. These, too can be signs of a drinking problem.

If you are thinking that none of the signs listed in the paragraph above have anything to do with you that is good. A person can have a problem with alcohol and not experience those signs but sometimes their drinking is affecting their health, relationships, or job in other ways.

Alcohol abuse may be the root of any of these problems.

For those who are ready to take a look at how alcohol is affecting their lives, there is help. Many professionals are trained to handle people who are suffering from alcohol abuse or alcoholism.

There are programs designed for people of all ages who are dealing with alcohol problems.

It may be wise to start with your current health car provider. She will be able to answer your questions and offer ideas for help and support. There is no reason to feel you are alone in your search for help and guidance.

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are serious problems. For those who are ready to understand, get treatment, and heal there is help available.

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