February 13, 2008

Is Your Spouse an Alcoholic?

Being able to recognize if your spouse is an alcoholic can be difficult in many ways.  Understanding your partners drinking habits and your own possible role as an enabler, can be as stressful to your emotional wellbeing as your partners alcoholism.  The first step is looking for patterns in their drinking habits.  Do they drink everyday?  Every weekend.  Only on Sundays? Do they drink because the kids were screaming all day? Their job is particularly stressful that day?  

As we all know, and occasional social drink and drinking to forget a stressful situation are two separate entities. Someone who is clearly drinking to relieve stress is to be considered a potential alcoholic.   If you spouse is consistently having to have a few drinks after work just to relax, most likely they are having alcohol dependency problems.

Many recovering alcoholics state that they always tended to blame someone else for all of their problems;  their boss was difficult,  their spouse nagged all the time, money was scarce.  Instead of admitting to any responsibility, they drank their problems away. Has your spouse been blaming everyone around them for their perceived problems?

Alcoholics tend to ignore their family and the problems associated with handling the day to day tasks of raising a family.  Do you feel that you are needing to take up the slack to make the bills, fix your home, or take care of the children?  Take a close look at where your spouse is failing for you and your family and see if it can be traced back to alcohol usage. 

T here are many surveys out there to take, articles and books to read, and programs to watch that state if you answer this many questions yes, they alcoholism is present.  Unfortunately, every situation is different.  Not only do you need to look at how much is being drank, but also what other behavior is causing problems in your family life.  There is no easy answer but there is a lot of help for the spouse and family if they take the time to look for it.


Physical Violence in Alcoholics

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