October 13, 2006

Kids, Drinking and Drugs

I found this great article from Donald Trump. Here’s the link if you want to leave your comments:


When it comes to kids’ parties, parents are clueless about the amount of alcohol and drugs that are available.

Half of teenagers say that alcohol, drugs or both are available at nearly every party they attend. However, according to a new survey, 80 percent of parents believe their teens are attending substance-free parties. Obviously, someone is getting some bad information . . . and it’s the parents

Parents are living in a dream world if they think their kids aren’t being exposed to alcohol and drugs. Right now, eight out of 10 kids are going to drink before they get out of high school and half of them will have tried marijuana. Those are some sobering and scary statistics.

And although 99 percent of parents say they wouldn’t be willing to serve alcohol at their teenager’s parties, more than one-fourth of kids say they’ve gone to parties where parents have been there and yet alcohol has still been readily available for the kids to drink.

Wake up, parents. Be aware of what your kids are doing. Talk to them before it’s too late and someone gets hurt.

The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

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