December 1, 2008

Links between Breast Cancer and Binge Drinking

Breast CancerAccording to the results of a recent study, women who binge drink increase their risk of developing cancer.

The results of the study showed that women who drank roughly two bottles of wine during a two day period more than doubled their risk of developing breast cancer.

The study was conducted by doctors in Denmark. The results of their research have recently been published in the European Journal of Public Health.

During the study the drinking habits of 17,647 nurses were observed. What was discovered is that women who drank something like 22 to 27 alcoholic beverages a week more than doubled their risks of getting for breast cancer than women who only drank 1 to 3 drinks each week. The threat for cancer reached its highest point when alcoholic drinks were consumed over a short time period.

The usage and behavior information found that 10 percent of the women who participated in the study women could be classified as weekly binge drinkers. Binge drinking is defined as having on average four drinks each day. The number of women who were considered weekend binge drinkers, those who consumed a minimum of 10 drinks over the weekend, was 13 percent of the women.

For the study one drink is considered to be a glass or wine or spirits or one bottle of beer.

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