June 19, 2007

Lose those Calories too!

Hot Toddys, Bailey’s Irish coffee and egg nog – all cocktails that are holiday fan favorites. The holidays always seem like the perfect opportunity to indulge, and drinking alcohol and celebrations seem to go hand in hand. While enjoying your favorite cocktail is never a bad thing, throwing back one too many may not be a good thing for your waistline or for your overall health. If you’re tired of the negative effects of alcohol and want to stop drinking.

Did you know that there are seven calories per gram of alcohol in your alcoholic beverages? That’s more calories per gram than what is supplied by carbohydrates and protein, and only two calories less than a gram of fat. Not only is the calorie-count of some cocktails enough to make you want to put down the bottle, but if you’re drinking becomes too frequent, you could be posing all kinds of health and social problems for yourself.

Four Levels Of Drinking

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