July 25, 2007

Lose those Love Handles

Are you getting love-handles? If you’re like many men, you have probably found yourself expanding in places you rather would not. Are you sitting stationary at work all day, then go home and drink some beer, eat some pizza and watch late night TV… while letting your love handles get out of control.

Don’t feel bad, cause you’re not the alone.

Obviously if you’re seeing your mid-section expanding it’s probably time to get up and start strengthening your abs. Some simple things you can do to lose those love handles forever are: stop drinking so much beer! OK, all kidding aside, you may want to control your eating habits, introduce some basic resistance and aerobic training along with ab exercises. And since we are talking about beer, you may want to reduce your beer (alcohol) intake.

And no, drinking beer is not the same as drinking water… unfortunately. Beer has a lot of calories, and the first place it goes is around your mid-section. By the way, this doesn’t mean that you have to stop drinking alcohol all together. Just control your intake as you would your diet.

Exercise will not only help you lose your love handles but also help your posture as it will strengthen and stabilize your core (including your abs). So, if you have been suffering from some minor back aches or even chronic back pain, you may find that by engaging in exercise it may dissipate or disappear forever.

By the way, if you only engage in ab exercises without any aerobic or resistance (weight) training, you may find your love handles growing larger! Yikes! This is because your muscles are growing yet your body fat percentage is staying the same. By the way, you don’t have to train like a marathon runner or a bodybuilder to lose those love handles. Start out by doing small things, like walking to the local store instead of driving; or taking the stairs instead of the elevator or the escalator. But, if you want to seriously transform your body (not only losing your love handles but shedding a ton of body fat) then you will need to get serious and do some intense workouts.

On another note, you may also want to cut salty foods from your diet. Why? Simply because salt (or sodium) cause your body to retain water, which will also make your love-handles look worse than they are. So, avoid using extra salt on your food and also avoid processed food as they generally have high sodium content. Drinking a lot of water helps fight against those love-handles as well as it helps you metabolize your stored body fat into energy. Not to mention that it will help reduce your appetite and keep your body hydrated.

In any event, you don’t have to keep your love handles forever. All it takes are some adjustments in your daily intake with the addition of regular exercise. This will help you lose weight overall along with your love handles, and increase your well-being.

A final note, this advice is solid for both men and women…


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