March 19, 2007

Losing Out Because of Problems With Drinking Alcohol?

Is drinking causing you problems? Have you lost relationships with family members and friends because of problems with drinking? Has your drinking caused your inability to work with co-workers and your boss? You may be losing out because of your drinking.

These are just a few things that can go wrong when drinking becomes a problem. You may think that drinking is not a problem for you but maybe you need to take a closer look at your drinking patterns and the consequences.

If you are married or have a partner, fiancé, or significant other and you have argued because of your drinking, you may have a problem with it.

Have you ever become abusive, either verbally or physically with this person after you have been drinking? Have you or the person left because of your problem with drinking? If so, you may be losing out because of your problems with alcohol.

Let’s look at your relationship with any children you may have. Do you miss spending time with them because you have been drinking?

If they are in school or involved in sports do you attend these events or are you absent because you are at the bar or drinking with a friend?

Have you ever been abusive to your child; said awful things or hurt them physically?

Has there ever been a time when you left a child in your vehicle to run in for a quick drink and then come out a few hours later?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions you are losing out because of problems with drinking and you may also be guilty of child abuse or neglect.

Now we will think about your relationships with other members of your family.

Do you forget special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries?

Have you ever agreed to have dinner or hang out with your parents or a brother or sister and then totally spaced it off because you had been drinking and fell asleep on the couch?

Are any of your relationships affected by your problems with drinking to the point where you are not speaking to one or more of your family members?

Any of these situations mean that you are losing out because of your problems with drinking.

If you have a job and used to get along well with co-workers and that has changed because of your drinking, you may have a problem.

Many times people who have problems with drinking are able to hide them for a very long time.

When it reaches the point where you are arguing constantly with co-workers and can’t get along with your boss and your work is suffering because of your addition to alcohol you may be losing out on many different levels.

For those who are losing out because of problems with drinking it may be time to get some help.
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Ways To Recognize Problem Drinking

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