November 6, 2008

Mental Obsession

MentalCome on; admit that you remember what it was like. That stupid melody kept repeating in your head no matter what you did.

You probably tried to listen to another tune, sing another song, or turn on the radio; however, the one in your head just kept on playing. We have all been there. Something was happening in your mind that you didn’t consciously put there and no matter how hard you tried you couldn’t get it out!

Above is a basic example of what a mental obsession is — a mental thought process over which you have no power over. If you comprehend the music scenario, you might understand more about the nature of the disease of alcoholism.

In the mind of an alcoholic, when the drinking “song” starts playing, he becomes powerless to resist the noise. The song wasnâ??t consciously put there and the only obvious way to get it to stop playing, for the alcoholic, is to take a drink.

Unfortunately, for the alcoholic, the mental fixation with alcohol is much more subtle than simply a song playing in his mind. What is truly sad is the fact that he may not even know it’s there. The only thing the alcoholic recognizes is that there is a sudden urge to take a drink — a physical compulsion to drink.

Important Facts Regarding Alcoholism

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