February 26, 2010

Online Alcohol Addiction Help To Give Up Drinking

StopAlcohol has been the bane of many a life. From a lighthearted and fun thing to do, alcohol addiction can metamorphose into this immensely self damaging exercise, that makes life a living nightmare for the person consuming the alcohol and also to a large extent the people around them like family and friends, so the search for Alcohol Addiction Help begins…

How does one turn away from alcohol addiction? They say to each, his own. Everyone can devise and customize their strategy to give up alcohol consumption. Of course if you are way past the stage where you can deal with the situation yourself, it is best to seek medical assistance. You could for example draw up a sort of a balance sheet of what you would stand to gain and lose if you quit drinking alcohol. You will notice that the benefits outnumber the negatives.

Your health would improve, you would perform better at your job, and probably earn more, your friends will no longer ignore you, you will confidently drive around the town and most importantly you will be happy. What do you lose in the bargain – your hangover, foul temper, risky driving and bad health. Now if you are thinking sort of a person, which side of the fence would you rather be?

One of the reasons why a lot of people turn to alcohol is that it aids one in socializing as it makes one less inhibited and more talkative. That may largely be true, but if one were to recognize that the true measure of oneā??s abilities and this is something which can be more fun, is to achieve the same results staying sober.

Another piece of sincere advice would be to not frequent those eateries which entice you to have a drink to wash down your food with. There is almost a conspiracy hatched jointly by the food and liquor industry to suck you into this whole lifestyle and culture thing. Do steer away from this. Do not be dictated to by someone else.

Surely you have far better things to do with your time than to spend hours every day drinking yourself silly. Reclaim your life. Play tennis or golf or do network. Grow your business. What will drinking alcohol ever get you? Think of the money you will save by not drinking. Maybe you could give yourself a holiday by the ocean instead.

Remember it is in your hands to give up drinking. But you have to be committed to it. Half measures and a wavering attitude will not do. You should be able to deal with social situations or even temptation with equanimity. If you are clear in your head about what you want this will not be a problem. Learn from the example of George Bush, the onetime alcoholic who went on to become two time president of the United States.

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