September 11, 2010

Online Alcoholism Support – The History of Alcoholics Anonymous

StopEveryone has heard of Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, sometime in their life. Simply defined AA is a fellowship of people from all walks of life that are fighting to stay sober and at the same time help others who are also trying to achieve sobriety as well. AA was founded in 1935 by two alcoholics that committed themselves to quitting drinking and also felt like there were others out there that had the same problem.

Since that time there has been several different AA‚??s that have been established in several different countries across the world that have been committed to helping people win their fight with sobriety. There are more than 100,000 Alcoholics Anonymous groups across the world that has well over 2 million members which is a staggering amount. All of the AA groups do not require a membership fee and are self funded through different contributions. The main thing that unites these people across the globe is their willingness to obtain sobriety and having the means to maintain it.

There are a lot of people who have tried to stop drinking on their own and there are also still others that have tried to rely on the support of their family and friends only because either the courts or even their jobs have made it mandatory. Most generally these are the cases that fail. In order for a person to stop drinking they need the additional help of a great support group that has members that are in similar situations. This is where Alcoholics Anonymous comes into play.

Even if the person was placed in a treatment facility and did not feel like attending the AA meetings it is mandatory that they do in order for them to graduate from the program. Remember AA is for those people that have committed themselves to leading a sober life. There are twelve different steps that are involved and every alcoholic will need to go through in order for them to overcome their addiction to alcohol and also confront those issues that caused them to begin drinking.

There are Alcoholics Anonymous meetings that are held all over the world in churches or other meeting facilities and when you attend one of these meetings you are encouraged to share your experiences with the other members but you are not made to the choice is yours. This is especially true for the newer members. Today though many people drawn to alcoholism and who are drawn to the Internet as part of their daily life, have chosen to join Alcoholics Anonymous online as a new era of communication dawns.

Recovery is not an easy process by no means for anyone. Your best bet would be to take it one step at a time and one day at time. Also be sure that you begin with Alcoholics Anonymous right away as they will help you achieve your goal.

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New blog post : Online Alcoholism Support – The History of Alcoholics Anonymous

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New blog post : Online Alcoholism Support – The History of Alcoholics Anonymous

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