September 8, 2010

Only Recognised Alcoholics Get The Alcoholic Treatment They Need

StopAn alcoholic does not always realize that they are one. They are usually the last one to know, and by the time they realize their plight, well they are already the object of derision, hate, pity and fear. People tend to avoid them, and an alcoholic is quite often a lonely person.

This is because things have reached such an all time low, that life just centers on a daily requirement of alcohol. Nothing seems more important, not even work or family and certainly not their own persona. Many are the lives that have been ruined because of this affliction. The tragedy is duplicated if an alcoholic also happens to support a family, especially small children. The impact of wrong choices can and usually have a devastating impact on the lives of the people in direct contact with an alcoholic.

Even from the point of view of economics the damage caused to any nationâ??s economy runs into many many million dollars. In fact alcoholism is a major problem across the world. In Russia for example an unbelievably high number of people are alcoholics. Part of it because of the long tradition of drinking the nation has had. But their economy has suffered hugely on account of many man days lost due to alcoholism. England for example is more often than not in the news for the rowdy behavior of its inebriated football fans. Now many of these youngsters are alcoholics without even realizing it and need alcoholic treatment.

In developing countries where millions of poor people cannot afford good quality liquor; there are deaths reported by the hundreds every year on account of consumption of spurious liquor by the poor. Besides that, alcoholics often get violent and even engage in crime to finance their bad habit. Of late a lot of women have started drinking a lot, and there is an increasing number of them who too are becoming alcoholics. What makes matters worse is the fact that women have lower thresholds of tolerance to the consumption of liquor. Moreover alcohol can have a devastating impact on womenâ??sâ?? fertility and cause a number of other complications.

Alcoholism is something which has to be fought on many fronts. First of all the alcoholic himself has to realize that he has a problem and seek help and an alcoholic treatment plan. His family too should come forward and extend support. Society, government and the medical community have to do their bit to tackle this black spot on society. This is easier said than done because drinking as such is not a social taboo in most countries, and it is in fact an accepted social custom, with even occasional binges been looked upon with indulgence. It is imperative that the problem receives the serious attention it deserves, because lives depend upon it daily.

Online Alcoholism Support - The History of Alcoholics Anonymous

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