March 8, 2007

Problems associated with alcohol abuse and addiction

There are approximately 10 million alcoholics in the United States. On top of this staggering figure you can also add 20 million alcohol abusers. Most of these alcohol abusers are teens and college students. Figures show that 2 out of 3 adults use alcohol. It has been determined that over half of all suicides, accidental deaths and homicides are related to alcohol.

More than 10,000 young people were killed and 40,000 more are injured annually in accidents that involve drinking and driving.

As you can see the cost of using alcohol is high and these are just the human costs. Let’s also add the cost of productivity and health expenses that occur because of alcohol addiction and abuse.

Financially these costs are estimated at more than 100 billion dollars per year. The financial costs are also high for those 1 out of 10 people who do seek help for their alcohol problem.

Besides the above costs there are many others that are associated with alcohol abuse and addition.

There are alcohol related automobile tickets and/or accidents. Blackouts can be a serious consequence of drinking. Depression often becomes a problem and relationships are damaged or completely ruined.

People often start drinking at parties or socially from time to time and then may progress to serious and problematic drinking.

There are people who are more at risk when it comes to alcoholism than others. Families who have members who are prone to having problems with alcohol should be especially careful when it comes to drinking.

While it may take years for alcohol to become a problem for some it may only take a fraction of that time for others.

Some signs that alcohol is becoming dangerous are: drinking excessively and often, making excuses for drinking too much, the loss of control and missing days of work because of alcohol.

People may have start drinking earlier and earlier in the day and they may also spend a lot of time drinking alone. The concerns of family members and friends go ignored and the preoccupation with drinking becomes more important than anything else. The person may be drinking and driving often.

When a person drinks too often and too much the alcohol depresses the functioning of the brain.

Some of the first things to become effected are emotions, judgment, and thought processes. When the drinking continues motor control takes a dive and the person experiences slurred speech, poor balance and slower reactions.

The costs of alcohol abuse and addiction are high and many suffer.

If you know someone who has a problem with alcohol abuse or addiction do everything you can to convince the person to get the assistance needed. Do not make excuses for the person or try to change the drinking problem.

Do give the person information about recovery and support groups. Find help and support for yourself if you are close to the person.

There are many problems associated with alcohol abuse and addiction. Add up the costs and see if it is worth it.

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Alcohol and Why it's a Recipe For Disaster

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