August 18, 2008

Questions to ask yourself

QuestionmarkDo you feel like you drink too much? Do you feel like alcohol has created problems in your life? Do you realize that alcohol is only harming yourself? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need to prepare for quitting drinking.

Alcoholism cases have grown along with the number of burdens and worries we place on ourselves from every day life. People often try to escape these modern stresses and pressures at the bottom of a bottle never knowing that alcohol will not only make any of their current problems better, but will only create new issues for their personal life or in the workplace. Alcoholism has become one of the fastest growing diseases facing our society today.

Just the action of deciding to work towards removing alcohol from your life can have a positive effect on yourself and those around you. As you quit drinking, you will notice a better relationship with your family and friends. Your current state of health will improve and your future health will be dramatically changed for the better.

You will begin to feel and actually be more productive in all aspects of your life and enjoy the things you are doing more. Alcohol doesnâ??t make up for all of the things you feel like you might be missing in life; it only guarantees you will never have them.

One Step at a time

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