September 12, 2011

Alcohol Dependency Help By Ed Philips – How To Quit Drinking Alcohol

StopAs you may know Ed Philips is the main contributor to this blog, so here we have his testimonial that will provide you with the basic steps for how to quit drinking.

“I used to be a chronic alcoholic and my life was a mess. I’d been addicted to alcohol for over 3 decades, but still found it tough to acknowledge that I had a real problem. I sort of made an effort to quit drinking nevertheless each and every time I wasn’t able to succeed, I simply wasn’t able to imagine my daily life without alcohol in me, and I even made an effort to control my alcohol consumption, however that didn’t succeed either.

I’d start out every single day served with a can of beer and I’d consistently drink throughout the day. I would regularly drive my auto whilst underneath the effects of alcohol, and placing other people in peril. I am embarrassed and disgusted to admit it now, however I would regularly wake up the next day following a heavy night’s boozing, and not only having a hangover but also in a puddle of my own urine.

I became serially unfaithful and putting myself at risk from getting VD as well as giving it to my partner. I regularly experienced blackouts and woke up in odd places with no recollection of how I got there. I would often do stuff which I regretted whilst under the effect of alcohol and yet regardless of all this I persisted to drink alcohol. I ultimately made a decision that enough was enough following an unsuccessful attempt at suicide and I have not drunk ever since.

For those times you need to know the way to quit drinking alcohol just like I did, so right here is the exact program I adopted to give up drinking alcohol and I am positive that in the event you stick to these easy steps you’ll be able to stop drinking once and for all as well.

Accepting that you’ve got a dilemma with alcohol is the starting point that you need to take, as anybody that is prepared to stop consuming alcohol is the one who isn’t in denial. An alcoholic’s very first form of defense is almost always to claim that they are not an alcoholic and will reel off useless excuses with regard to their habit. I had to spend over thirty years to be able to state that I was an alcoholic and to stop justifying my dependency.

Once you have admitted to yourself you are an alcoholic, the next thing you need to do will be to consider the reasons why you’re drinking and consider a number of things. For example, why does the concept of life without having alcohol seem intolerable? Precisely what motivates you to drink alcohol? So why do you still drink although it’s wrecking your personal relationships and your health?

If you are a chronic alcoholic then you will have to give up drinking alcohol with medical related support. Get a free consultation to see your physician and speak with them frankly regarding your drinking problem along with your desire to stop. They’ll be in a position to prescribe you with medicine to make the actual drawback process a bit more comfortable

Once you’ve ended drinking alcohol you want to think of a system to prevent returning to it. While in the first days of stopping drinking you’re going to think up all sorts of reasons to go back to it. You may think that you’ll be capable of dealing with it on your own, but your mind will play tricks on you, and you are going to need a lot of will power to get through.

I also recommend this FREE guide to stop drinking to get you really motivated, as well as helping to begin your quit drinking plan….”

How To Quit Drinking
“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With Alcoholism”

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August 29, 2011

Quit Drinking Alcohol By Following These Golden Tips

StopDespite what AA says, you aren’t helpless before alcohol, but alcohol is certainly helpless before you. Do not let anybody convince you that you are powerless before your addiction, since this may only present you with an ongoing battle with alcoholism. So just accept the basic fact that it is you that has the capacity to choose precisely what does or doesn’t enter into your body.

There are numerous types of alcohol, and many diverse situations in which we are going to drink it. Over time you might have developed a taste for a couple of different types of alcoholic drinks, and often drink in one or two specific places. Learn from your personal experiences, and fight the part that’s causing you the most trouble. For example, if during the week you drink one or two glasses of red or white wine with your dinner and at the weekends you are getting drunk with your friends, you no doubt know where your dilemma is, don’t you? So take the necessary steps to help reduce your own drinking behavior!!!

Perhaps you feel a desire to consume alcohol while recollecting a happy moment in your life connected with alcohol. When you catch yourself thinking like that you need to see it as a mirage, and try to re-focus your mind on the really adverse ordeals you’ve had involving alcohol.

You will find dozens and dozens of great reasons to stop or reduce drinking, from your own actual physical health and fitness to your financial outlook, from relationships and your sex life, to your emotional and religious life. Make a list and analyze it more than once, and then come up with additional good reasons. The greater number of reasons that you can generate the simpler it’s going to be to overcome your alcohol habit. As has often been said “knowledge is power”, and so the more you understand alcohol abuse the more aware you will become about what it’s actually doing to you.

Try to imagine your future without alcohol, and just how happy, healthy and loved you are going to be. Your future commences as from the actual second you recognize that alcohol won’t continue to dominate your daily life. The second you take the final decision to stop drinking alcohol is the actual moment you begin to be more healthy. The important thing to keep in mind is that your future remains undetermined, and it will be resolved in line with the measures you are taking today.

What really counts is what you’re going to do today to move your life into a better direction. Get into the habit of visualizing yourself more healthy and happier from this day forth, and mentally focus yourself on that as frequently as you can. Our minds are so powerful that you can firmly and continually focus on something to the point that it becomes our prevalent desire. We also tend to embrace our conscious and subconscious thoughts and feelings, so make that decision to believe in yourself today, and begin to focus on your own personal decision to quit drinking alcohol and a new alcohol free life. Just click on one of the links below to get immediate access to our guide to quitting alcohol

Quit Drinking Alcohol
“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With Alcoholism”

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May 3, 2011

Learn How To Quit Drinking Without AA

StopAA has assisted millions recover with success from the torment of alcoholic drinking. Unfortunately though it features a very low success rate, although there are more ways that can help an alcoholic quit drinking without AA.

I’ve discovered how you can quit drinking alcohol safely, in a quick natural way, and you do not have to go to meetings through out your lifetime!

Everyone encounters difficulties within their lives and the fact that you’ve got a problem with alcohol, doesn’t mean you are conscious of having a problem. It really is personal and not really anyone’s business but yours!

This is the main reason why many alcoholics have when they would like to get help to quit drinking alcohol. They do not want everybody to know about their everyday life, and even though the majority of people will be sympathetic and encouraging, it doesn’t mean you have to attend AA meetings to take command over your drinking problem, and successfully quit drinking.

AA ought to stay anonymous like the title suggests. But not just is the failing rate regarding AA very high, but often the word of mouth gets out that you are on the program! A better solution for you personally may very well be to confess you have a problem (just like they suggest in AA) and take care of your condition on your own, as well as in the complete privacy of your own home.

The underlying fact here is that you can quit drinking without AA, and it is possible to give up drinking within the privacy of your very own home. Also, You don’t have to invest tons of money on pricey treatment options and therapies. You can start getting your life back to normal and you can learn how to stop drinking alcohol safely, in a natural way and quickly too!

You’re the only person who knows what will happen unless you do something to stop your drinking habit! Get help to quit drinking without AA immediately, simply by looking over the following free stop drinking guide which will provide you with the vital steps to help somebody stop drinking on their own.

FREE Quit Drinking Guide
“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With Alcoholism”

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April 14, 2011

The Dilemma Of Binge Drinking And Tips To Help Stop

Now the horrors of binge drinking can be seen in our local towns and cities every weekend of the year, as misguided youngsters can think of nothing better to do than drink until they drop, or get involved in a brawl.

As our society is seen to be trying to put a stop to binge drinking, they just don’t seem to be able to enforce the law anymore, and it’s normally the family who end up picking up the pieces and suffering with the consequences of an alcohol induced society.

The following video plants the foundation to help people stop binge drinking, although it goes without saying that we would rather have the power to stop it taking place in the first place…

FREE Stop Drinking Guide
“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With

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March 15, 2011

How You CAN Quit An Alcohol Addiction Cold Turkey

StopWhen a close friend or household member confronts you about your alcohol addiction, you will really feel as though you’re completely worthless to society, particularly coming from someone you might truly love. But don’t shy away as this could be your initial step towards overcoming your alcohol addiction.

Now, quitting an alcohol dependency might be the hardest thing you’ve ever tried in your lifetime, and It certainly was for me when I finally surrendered to my addiction after several years of consuming alcohol. What I would like to explain in this blog post are the ways which I found to help me get through one of the hardest periods of my life.

Quitting an alcohol addiction cold turkey is some thing you must really be prepared for. You need to have it really clear in your mind that this decision will be fulfilled to the end as only this will help in combating your addiction to alcohol.

You must initially have a desire to alter your existing lifestyle and have that want to lead a healthier and happier life. Promise yourself that as soon as you start your voyage towards sobriety, that you won’t do a u-turn and return to that horrible life you possessed before.

First of all, I picked a date to start my new alcohol free life and I stuck to it. You can not change your mind for any reason once you have selected a date. Prolonging time would only make issues worse. So, once you have chosen that date, stick with it no matter what happens or what thoughts might enter into your mind about prolonging your alcohol needs for an additional day.

I made a promise to myself that I’d never return the bottle again. I must admit, over the initial few weeks it really was a tough ride, and I continued thinking about alcohol virtually all day long, but I knew that I couldn’t go back on my word, no matter how I was feeling.

Whenever I was possessed with those thoughts about drinking, I would just have a firm trust in how my life would change, not only for myself, but for my family too. They had put up with so many issues throughout my alcoholic years, and I just refused to allow myself to let my family down again.

One of the biggest fears I had had prior to quitting my alcohol addiction cold turkey was that I would regret having given up so soon. That was the main reason that I hadn’t been able to stop years before, as I tried to convince myself that the damage had already been done, and that my life was in such a mess anyway, so why bother quitting. So I just continued drinking myself towards self destruction, until I finally realized that I was also hurting my family as well as killing myself at the exact same time. That was my wake up call!!!

I did have cravings and urges at the beginning of my journey, as my demons possessed me, torturing me with a need for alcohol. I just had to be stronger, and when I changed my attitude to being positive, it just gave me even more determination to make it over this giant hurdle that I just had to stride over on my own.

Needless to say I managed the hard way with my alcohol addiction, and did it cold turkey. I have listed several other things that I needed to confront throughout the time I spent removing that alcohol addiction from my life in the free stop drinking report mentioned below…

FREE Stop Drinking Guide
“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With Alcoholism”

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February 10, 2011

Taking Steps To Begin Quitting Drinking

Today you can begin quitting drinking. The first step might be to see a doctor, contact a support group, or even set a date in the near future to quit. It is possible for some people to quit drinking on their own while others might need medical help to manage the physical process of withdrawal.

It is important to discuss with your doctor whether you will need to withdraw from alcohol under medical supervision. Your physician can give you medicine that will help you safely quit drinking alcohol. At times other medications might be prescribed to help maintaining sobriety. With your doctor’s help, withdrawal from alcohol is safer.

Stopping alcohol use can…

Avoid or decrease health problems that arise from alcohol use, such as liver damage. If you are pregnant you can prevent harm to your unborn baby. Assist in reducing related family concerns or relationship problems. Increase your ability to be productive at work, school, and home. Reduce any legal issues that you might have as a result of misuse of alcohol.

You may be wondering what resources are available to help you cut down on or stop alcohol use on your own. If you are thinking of quitting drinking you need education and emotional support, especially if you have abused alcohol or are alcohol-dependent. Some resources that can help you stop drinking include:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Alcoholics Anonymous helps those all over the world who have a desire to quit drinking by arranging meetings with other people who have this disease. The various groups are made up of people who have had alcohol problems. Family physicians or other medical practitioners, psychologists, or other health professionals. Inpatient or outpatient treatment centers or hospitals.

There are many local and national alcohol treatment hotlines available (check your local white and yellow pages). You can also search for these organizations and health professionals by accessing their Web sites online.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) organizes meetings all over the world to help those who have a desire to stop drinking. You can also receive education, information, and support to help you stop drinking by asking your doctor, calling an alcohol treatment hotline, or asking your local hospital or alcohol treatment facility.

FREE Stop Drinking Guide
“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With Alcoholism”

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December 6, 2010

Proven Way To Quit Drinking Without AA

AA have actually assisted millions of alcoholics recover successfully from the torment of uncontrollable alcohol consumption.

Regrettably though, it features a surprisingly low rate of success. But stopping drinking doesn’t stop with AA, and there are more ways that will people sufferers quit drinking without AA.

I have found how you can stop consuming alcohol safely, naturally as well as quickly and you need not go to group meetings for the rest of your lifetime! Check out the video below, if you need help to stop drinking

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December 11, 2009

Drinking Too Much Alcohol? Learn How To Quit Drinking Online

StopBingeing or Binging is a very real and very current phenomenon. Hordes of PYTs, office goers, young people and old alike, college and university kids spend many days a week drinking massive amounts of alcohol without restrictions whatsoever.

They drink so much that their capacity gets rapidly inflated. They don’t get drunk even if they drink 10 times what they used to and they simply crash and/or become unconscious once the alcohol hits the breaking point in the bloodstream. They get so addicted to it that if they don’t do their regular binge party at the bar for a few evenings, they feel lost and dazed. The habit becomes so severe that one begins to stock up more than normal amounts of alcohol at home. Then one starts drinking at odd hours and whenever one if thinking, working or under stress. Slowly, alcohol is introduced into the system so often that it loses all its potency, and instead now, its lack rather than its presence affects the body.

They drink because it is considered cool to drink, they drink because they are stressed, are used to, are forced under peer pressure to, or they are simply too bored to be doing anything else worthwhile. Some stupidly drink as much as they can just to show how much they can drink. It hardly takes a reason now-a-days for urban folk to head to the bar. Images in the media and the movies are syndicated by the alcohol and media cartels which many a time has mixed ownership. The best and most expensively produced TV Commercials in the world’s most expensive media slot – that of the Super bowl, mostly has beer and alcohol ads. It’s a testament to the strength, money and power the booze-lords possess.

Kids in colleges and universities drink in their heydays like there is no tomorrow. Every night is a party in the dorm or the bar. They forget the lasting damages that such violent infliction of booze has on the human body.

The almost empty bottle in the hand of the troubled antagonist is a quintessential images in movies the world over. People start drinking too much in order to keep their minds blank and be too drunk to be worried by their troubles. It is worse than Binging. Here the drinker knowingly and maniacally drowns him/herself into the bliss through ignorance that alcohol offers.

Don’t see that image in your mirror ever. Drink Responsibly. A thing of enjoyment should be savored and not drained through one’s body. Discourage drinks at parties, office meetings, family functions, and other events. Visit the booze-bar less, visit the salad-bar more. Your body is your temple, it will shine or fall apart depending upon what you put in it.

Drinking is no more than a legal bad habit, that the state prefers to encourage rather then engage, but only doing nothing just makes the problem worse. So why don’t you just quit drinking on your very own , without actually being told to do so. You know it makes sense!

It’s no different any other bad habit. We know it’s bad, but we just continue to do it regardless. So don’t just allow yourself to get sucked in to the bad habit club, and come clean today. You will get loads of support, plus great tips to finally grasp how to quit drinking before Christmas this year on the blog, which is regularly posted with new ideas to help quit drinking alcohol once and for all.

Hurry, start today and learn how to quit drinking before Christmas this year.

How To Quit Drinking

Discover This Proven At Home Alcohol System

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December 6, 2009

How To Quit Drinking Through Online Support

StopTo quit drinking should be the obvious thing to do for someone whose health is adversely affected by the drinking of alcohol. But every alcoholic takes some time to accept that he is one. By the time the realization sets in, he is in a much deeper mess than before, and extricating himself from it is that much more difficult.

The problem with drinking is that it is socially sanctioned in so many cultures. Then there is the association with fun, good times and manliness about the act of drinking so assiduously built up by the multi billion dollar liquor industry. They cleverly associate drinking with major sports, fashion and lifestyle events around the world.

This carefully crafted image of harmless fun and good times often leads to an endless spiral of drinking parties, binges, and more and more reasons to drink for some young people. What they need to do is to view things in perspective, and realize that their future will be one of grief, disease and misery if they do not quit drinking and adopt a healthy lifestyle

In fact nations have been brought to ruin because people will not quit drinking. Take the case of Russia for example whose people have a historical love affair with Vodka. Empires and governments have come and gone, but the Russian people will not sober up. This has caused untold damage to their national productivity, the health of the citizens and indeed the problem has become so grave that another Russian head of state has had to exhort is people to quit drinking.

The realization that drinking ruins oneā??s career, family and social life, health and not to speak of oneā??s finances is a powerful reason for people to want to quit drinking. There are people who are strong willed enough to totally give up drinking for ever once they have realized the folly of continuing with pernicious habit. Then there are others who need more time and professional help to assist them in quitting.

The family of course can be a pillar of strength to somebody trying to quit drinking because it often involves a lot of emotional trauma. Then of course there is the redoubtable Alcoholics Anonymous, an informal association of reformed and reforming alcoholics who not only offer invaluable advice but are often bedrock of immense support.

To those who would not quit and persist with their drinking ways one would only offer oneā??s sympathies for they are on the highway to disaster and oblivion. They will eventually ruin their health; lose their job, money and family. There would be no hope left for them, and what could have been a life full of promise would have come to naught.

If you really need to know how to quit drinking, the information is freely available on the Internet, as so many people have now managed to quit drinking through the means of online support, and why not. The Internet has so much bad publicity, whereas really it is no more than a massive library full of information that can help us to find out or achieve virtually anything.

How To Quit Drinking

Discover This Proven At Home Alcohol System

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A Controlled Guide To Quit Drinking Alcohol

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