December 13, 2006

Ready To Cut Down Or Stop Drinking?

Is it time for you to cut down on drinking or stop drinking altogether?  Here are a few questions to ask yourself and then you may have a better idea if drinking is a problem for you.

Does your drinking worry your family?

Has your drinking caused a problem because you are late to work?

Do you have a hangover or an awful headache after drinking?

Do you sometimes drink when you are alone because you feel sad or angry?

Have you ever forgotten what you were doing while you were drinking?

Do you sometimes drink after telling yourself that you will not drink?

Even if you can answer yes to one of the above questions you may have cause for concern.  You may have a drinking problem and you should talk to your doctor.  A medical professional will be able to tell you if you should cut down on drinking or if you should stop drinking altogether.  For people with certain medical problems or who are alcoholics drinking needs to stop completely.

There are steps you can take when you are ready to cut down or stop drinking. 

These steps will make it easier for you to be successful in your endeavor.

1.  Think about the reasons you have to stop drinking.  Write these reasons down and keep copies in different places where you can read them when you need reminders.  Some reasons to stop drinking may include better health, improved relationships with family members and friends, the end of sleeping problems or improvement in your job situation.

2.  Set a limit of how much you will drink or make a goal of no drinking at all.  Post this goal where you will be able to see it.

3.  Start a diary or journal where you can record your drinking.  If you plan to stop drinking keep this diary or journal to write down your progress.  Be honest and pay attention to the times you drink or are tempted to drink.  This may help you to recognize the situations when you are more likely to take a drink.

4.  If you plan to cut down on drinking you will want to keep very limited amounts of alcohol at home.  If you want to stop drinking you should not have any alcohol at your home.

5.  Realize that there will be times when you have to say no to drinking if you want to cut down.  For those who plan to stop drinking for good you will have to learn to say no to anyone who encourages you to drink.

6.  Get support and talk to people who have been able to stop drinking.  Ask questions and find out what has worked for other people who have stopped drinking.

When you are ready to stop drinking or cut down on the amount of alcohol you consume it can be easier if you follow the above suggestions.

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