March 7, 2008

Reasons Why You Must Quit Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol and your body don’t go, but just how many people out there carry on drinking alcohol when they know this?
 This should make you think before the next time you have a drink; within minutes of alcohol entering your body, it infiltrates your bloodstream, your brain, your liver, your pancreas, your kidneys, your lungs and every other living tissue in your body. When you think about it, everytime you have a drink of alcohol it’s slowly killing you. Now that’s a nice thought isn’t it?
 Did you know that heavy drinkers of alcohol are known as "Chronic Drinkers."
 Studies have shown that heavy drinking will reduce the size of your brain, your reactions become slower and you begin to lose your memory. Also in the studies which where carried out, alcoholics showed signs of congnitive dysfunction, this was proved by using the latest technology in MRI scanning.
 The strength of a drink you’re drinking will have the effect and impact on the absorption rate. It’s simple really the stronger drinks are absorbed quicker than weaker drinks.
 When neat sprits are consumed in concentrated amounts, they can irritate your stomach lining, causing a response which delays the absorption of the alcohol.
Almost as soon as we have some alcohol, it seems to have an effect on out central nervous system. It begins by depressing the inhibitory centres of your brain. Alcohol effects people in different ways, some people become relaxed, others become very aggressive and some just become more confident in themselves, like taking more, and some even think they become more attractive (I don’t think so).
 If you have a problem with your drinking you’ll notice the following. Once the euphoric feeling has worn off your on your way to a negative rebound. Which will include the following, depression sets in again, you become guilty and anxiety.
 If you find that you are drinking too much and would like some free information on how to cut down your drinking habit, then I can recommend the following website they have a loads of free resources which will help you over come your drinking problems.

Ways To Cut Down On Your Alcohol

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