October 5, 2006

Recovery is a Lifelong Commitment

Recovery from alcoholism is a long and usually complex, life changing process.  Most people that have alcohol addictions will have to seek some type of professional help if they are to be successful in overcoming their addictions.  There are many professionals who are well trained and specialized in the treatment of drug addictions.           

Treatment specialists for alcohol addictions are there to help the addict through the painful period of detoxification as well as to help the addict to understand and change old habits.  Treatment of alcohol addictions also requires help for the addict when it comes to coping with the many situations that will arise as they battle their addiction and fight relapse.  There are many things that can cause people with alcohol addictions to want to slip back into the pattern of using drugs.  Addicts need to be aware of how the following things will affect their drug treatment: their environment, current and previous relationships, social situations, and their own personal memories.

Serenity is a big part of the recovery process.  Serenity can be achieved by:

  • Silence and quality time alone
  • Prayer
  • Faith
  • Action
  • Service
  • Peace

Alcohol Detox

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