June 5, 2007

Reduce the Amount You Drink

How do I reduce how much I drink?

A person who drinks too much may feel it is impossible for them to reduce their alcohol consumption.

If a drinking habit is very heavy, it is often hard work to reduce it – simply because it is always difficult to change habits. You may not even be sure whether you want to cut down.

Fortunately, there are many different ways to reduce alcohol consumption and most people are able to find a way that suits them.

A step-by-step guide to reducing alcohol consumption

Keep a record of all alcohol consumption. Work on ways to make it easier to reduce the alcohol intake.

Talking to a partner or friend could flag up some self-help ideas.

  • I can stop drinking alcohol on weekdays.

  • I can stop drinking alcohol during the day at work.

  • I can substitute every second drink with water, non-alcoholic beer, coffee or a soft drink.

  • I can take a different route home, so I won’t be tempted to visit a pub.

  • I can visit my family instead of my drinking friends.

What if I can’t reduce my drinking by myself?

It may be difficult for a person to reduce their alcohol consumption without outside assistance. There are several places where it is possible to get help and counselling.

A GP will be able to help by:

  • giving advice and drug prescription

  • referring a heavy drinker to a counsellor or an organisation that can provide help, such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Dedicated alcohol detoxification facilities are rare in the NHS, but there are several private units. These are expensive and it is unusual for the NHS to fund placement, but it does occur.

When Drinking Become Alcoholism

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