December 19, 2007

Should I cut back, or should I stop completely?

Stopping alcohol completely is usually best if you are, or have been, alcohol dependent. Also, if you have a condition due to alcohol such as liver damage. Otherwise, reducing to a safe level of drinking is an option. (A note of caution: do not stop alcohol suddenly if you are alcohol dependent. Some withdrawal effects can be severe. It is best to cut down gradually and then stop, or see your doctor about a ‘detox’ – see later.)

If you are trying to cut down, some tips which may help include the following:

  • Consider drinking low alcohol beers, or at least do not drink ‘strong’ beers or lagers.
  • Try pacing the rate of drinking. Perhaps alternate soft drinks with alcoholic drinks.
  • Consider cutting back on types of social activity which involve drinking. Perhaps try different social activities where drinking is not a part. Perhaps reduce the number of days in the week where you go out to drink.
  • Resist pressure from people who encourage you to drink more than you want to.

What can help me to reduce or stop drinking alcohol?

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