January 3, 2008

Simple Proven Step To Quit Drinking Alcohol

Everyone comes to a decision to quit drinking alcohol in there life. You’ll also find that people have tried before to quit drinking alcohol but have had very limited success. The first few days or week is very easy for anyone to stop, but you’ll find after that they begin to drink again.
 So just how do you quit drinking alcohol?
 The first thing is to:
 Ask yourself why is it you want to quit drinking alcohol? You need to weigh the plus points and the negative ones, but make sure you write them down. If you don’t this, it will be your first step to failure.
 Are there any plus points you have wrote down about drinking alcohol? If there are, you need to find other ways of achieving them. You need to start to get into good habits and get rid of your old ones today.
 What are the bad things you have when you drink alcohol? This could be your health, depression, your family, friends, make sure you spend sometime doing this one, because you’ll find most of these are the very important ones.
 You also need to ask yourself and write down your answers, of the good things you expect to get out of life once you quit drinking, and how will your life be better? I have seen so many people do this and you nearly always find that people who write things down achieve there goals in life, but you still need to take action and that’s quitting alcohol for good is one you need to start today.
 Now we know that you’re ready to quit drinking we need to work out a plan for you on how to stop drinking alcohol.
 Developing a plan is much easier than your think. First you need to have will-power, but it won’t stop you alone from drinking but it’s a major step forward.
 Then you need to find out what triggers you to drinking, this could be anything, but make sure you write them down.
 Then you need to alter your bad habits, and start making new ones, the sooner you start doing this the sooner your going to quit drinking, I know you think this is all pie in the sky stuff, but trust me I know this works, and I have helped over two thousand people overcome there drinking problems, that’s why I know it works.
 It’s quite obvious this won’t happen over night or change in a few days. So start with small achievable goals to begin with, and then move forward to your bigger goals you have written down.
 What I do find is that most people who drink alcohol , drink because of there feelings and I would say this goes for 90% of alcoholics. If you can control them you can stop drinking alcohol for good. So how do we do this? Well you need to find something else to do instead of drinking, I would suggest going for a walk, it keeps you healthy and keeps your mind at rest plus it’s very good for you. But you’ll need to find this one out for yourself, but don’t give up.
 You also should regularly review your progress, and find out what is working for you and what is not. Sometimes you will need some help from a friend or a family member, and remember everyone in life needs help sometime or other so you’re no alone in this.

Quit Alcohol Addiction

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