October 6, 2008

Skills needed to Stop Drinking

No moreHow a person can stop drinking largely depends on their ability to recognize that a problem exists. Once that occurs they must then focus on several key factors, which over time, will help the alcoholic develop the coping skills needed to make it through recovery and into permanent sobriety. The key factors to be recognized are as follows; honesty, prayer, willingness, sincerity, forgiveness and tolerance.

Recovery serves as a prelude to permanent sobriety. A successful recovery ultimately leads to that seldom visited side of alcoholism which is known as permanent sobriety. The ability to incorporate these principles into the daily life of the alcoholic is a difficult but rewarding transition that is called recovery.

Complete and total honesty with oneself is a step that will seriously test the alcoholic and bring questions to the surface that, when answered honestly, will typically break down the emotional wall of denial which has been built by the continual cycle of alcohol abuse.

By taking what was realized through honesty, the alcoholic then needs to share his inner most shortcomings with God as he envisions Him. Prayer is perhaps the single most powerful weapon the alcoholic has to overcome his or her illness.

Willingness to Stop Drinking

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